How can I get my 2-year-old to stop biting?

I need help my two-year-old son has a biting problem again… he did before he turned two we ended thAt fast… but now he is doing it again, but now he is biting our dogs and bad cause they are yelping they don’t growl at him or bite him back he gets in trouble for it, but I can’t seem to get him to stop biting them what can I do? And why is he doing this??


Bite him back. I know it sounds harsh, but it worked for my son. He didn’t bite the dogs, he bit me, and when he did I would bite him back. Not hard, but hard enough to let him know it hurts. Eventually, he stopped. Be careful, because the dogs might not mind now, but they might and could bite him back. Animals, just like people, can only take so much. Hope this helps, usually its just a phase.


My son bit me once and I bit him back. Not hard, of course Just enough to show it hurts. He Never bit again :joy:


If he is verbal enough, tell him to use his words

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Put a gate up and separate them before one of them has enough and they’re punished for defending themselves and it isn’t their fault. Maybe it’s swat a butt time


I had to bite my sons back when they bit me . They thought twice lol Nd stopped fast


Throw him in time out everytime he does it. Say no firmly. Also, keep him away from your dogs before they bite back in self defense.


Keep him away from the dogs because they will get tired of him and make it known fast. Bite him back, use discipline


Bite him back.
He doesn’t realize how BAD it hurts.
Bite him.
Explain this is how it feels when you bite.
DONT EVER BITE anyone including the dogs.

They will get tired of it and bite back.

And no day care will put up with this.


Bit him back. Tell him No! An give a couple of swats on the ol bootie


Bite him back and stop it or the dogs will…


my daughter kept biting me wgen she was about that age and bit my her back just enough for her to feel some pain but not too hard that it will cause a mark… she stopped :grin:

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I had issues with my daughter biting. We talked evverrryyy sinnngggllleee night about it. Same story every day: no biting, use your words. We don’t bite our friends, it hurts. Etc etc. it was repetitive but she quit biting after a few weeks. She was biting several kids sometimes in one day at daycare. And I obviously felt terrible because I never thought I’d have a biter. We also got a book about no biting. And we read that every. Single. Night.

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A dog no matter how trained will eventually nip back. They do it to their own pups. Sorry but i would never let it happen. My dog knows better. But she has a limit. You need to bite him back. Or put his fingers in his mouth and push up on his lower jaw. I tap my kids mouth.


I bit mine I tried everything. Then one day she bit my niece an drew blood. So I bit her an put her on a time out she never did it again. Believe me that is not what I wanted to. But that one day enough was enough.

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Give him a good pop and find out for 2 minutes. Be consistent though

Tap him in the mouth. (not hard of course)
I tapped my son ONE time and told him not to bite. It stunned him so he never did it again.

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Yes ^^^ bite him back!! I did and my son never bit again. I did it hard enough he knew it hurt and then I told No, firmly and told him, see that hurts. We don’t ever bite anyone, it’s not nice.

My brother had this problem when he was 4-5, they put hot sauce in his mouth. Good Luck Mama :heart:

Bite him back. Even the slightest bit will work