How can I get my 5 year old to listen?

I don’t know how to discipline my 5-year-old. She used to be a REALLY good baby and kid, and I never had any issues. Now lately, her attitude is out of hand. She screams at me. Literally screams. I’ve done time outs today, and I’ve taken toys and things she wants away. She told me she hates all her toys anyway and doesn’t care. Then she proceeds to tell me she wants me to go out and buy her all new. I try to sit her down and talk to her, and she just talks over me and yells. Any advice would be appreciated.


How does she do with being alone? Can you make her stay in her room and take out almost everything but a bed?

Spank her butt, that has worked many.


Does nobody whoop their kids anymore???


Have you been through a major life change? A lot of times, these types of sudden behavioral issues are manifestations of negative feelings that they don’t know how to express. It could be all the craziness this year has brought upon us. Try compassion, listening, opportunities to connect, and reinforce consistency. You’d be surprised how much extra humanity can help. “Whooping her” will only make things worse in the long run, despite what so many others believe. Imagine if you were suffering emotionally and the people you trusted most decided that what you needed was physical pain. Love her.


Kids will only do what you allow them too. Remember you’re the parent. Tell her if she wants new stuff she’ll have to get a job (chores) and earn it. As far as talking over you she needs to know it’s very disrespectful. Once again you’re the parent. She knows you’re not doing anything about her talking over you so she’ll only continue to do so until you put your foot down. At her age she should have already known about manners, and if she was my child continuing to talk over me she’d get a spanking. If time outs aren’t working then you already know what you may need to do. :woman_shrugging:t5:


Routines are necessary. I also get my son to help me around the house. We play together IF he helps me.

I try to not be on the phone until he’s in bed. Mombie all the way.

If I say no, I don’t change my mind.

As for the toys, HE donates often. When he lets go of some, I buy him one.


Time outs, leave her in her room until she has calmed down. That always worked when I was young. Xx

I whoop my kids butts !


Mine gets popped in the mouth for mouthing off. Nooooppppe.


Do NOT hit your child


Smack her ass. She’s out of control and if you don’t get her under control your just getting a touch of her attitude.

Good ol fashion ass whoopin… When she screams, pop her on the mouth… I’m not talking child abuse, but make it sting. She’ll stop.

This is going to sound mean but hear me out you have to find what breaks their heart in the moment. Spanking did not work for my son he would literally turn around and say that didn’t hurt. Took away everything and he would play with his toes. I knew I had to find something to get through to him before he got out of control. So then I did. The time out chair. I put him in the corner with his nose on the wall and ignored him. It broke his heart. He would beg and plead for me to look at him or talk to him and I ignored him. I started this and would do it for 5 minutes max then for him to get out he had to tell me what he did wrong. Why it was wrong and if he couldn’t I would make him go back for 2 minutes. Changed him completely after the second time. He learned that actions have consequences. Every kid is different you just have to find what works. Best wishes I hope you find what works for your little one.


Same here except mine are 3. My twins are horrible. We have done everything from corner, room, taking toys away it doesn’t matter they still dont listen :unamused:

My daughter started acting like this when she started school it pisses me off

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I’d first try to teach her with some empathy. Like, act very hurt and tell her that we don’t treat the ones we loves like that especially. We don’t talk over people and we don’t demand things. That is a mean person. Anyway if that doesn’t phase her then she may need to learn respect and decent behavior the hard way. Discipline should be swift (right when it happens) and certain (consistent so she knows it will happen every time) and punishment must fit the crime (this works more for older kids). So if she talks back to you or screams over you (or whatever she is doing) you immediately get up and say you don’t behave that way you don’t speak to mommy that way (or however you want to word it) and take her by the hand/shoulder/arm and place her in time out or in her room for however long etc - listen, all kids are different so the punishment level varies. Best of luck!

I made my daughter do 20 push-ups to start. If she argued more, it was 10 more added. I didn’t argue back. Simply said, “give me 20”. Now, her being 10, all I have to say is, “do you want to do push-ups?” and she (most of the time lol) stops arguing. Good luck on your parenting journey :two_hearts:


Don’t wanna whoop her… make her stand with her nose in the corner. Kids at this age need to be taught what consequences are. I bet a few times of making her uncomfortable standing in time out and she’ll remember the consequences for her bad behavior next time.


I put toys in time out. It works amazing. Just a short 3 minutes.