How can I get my 6-month-old less attached to breastfeeding?

My daughter is 6 months old on the 11th. I’m a stay at home mom. She’s been breastfeed since birth. And we just start giving her once a day one tablespoon of rice cereal (as per doctors’ orders). Anyways in the past week, even before the cereal was introduced I’ve noticed she’s been extremely boob clingy. I can’t wear shirts in front of her that show anything off because she then tries to gnaw at me till I give in and give her a boob. If I get dressed in front of her, she loses her mind and wants my boob. If my husband tries to take “a feel” while I’m walking by him or something, she starts screaming and crying. I can barely even hold her without her wanting my boob. I normally wear big sweaters, so she doesn’t see them or smell them if that makes sense. But the weird thing is when she does all this. She doesn’t eat. She just holds my nipple in her mouth, and either keeps trying to play with her toys while my nipple is in her mouth (very painful), or she just lays there and wraps her arms around the rest of my boob and hugs it. She does have a pacifier that she uses. I can sometimes give a quick replacement for the pacifier and put my boobs away. Has anyone else had this issue before, or how do I break this or help her in any other way?


It sounds like maybe a comfort thing. Or maybe teething?

Is she 6 months or 11 months? 6 months she is probably teething and just needs some comfort. Try giving her things to help with gum pain.


This sounds like a comfort thing, and I also agree with teething. She could be in pain hence the reason she’s wanting the comfort. Try some hyland’s teething tablets or some breastmilk pops. But you can’t wean a 6 month old. They HAVE to have breastmilk or formula until at least 1 years old.


Stop giving into it. You don’t wanna have a 3year old who has to be on your boob


Sounds like teething or a comfort thing. My daughter used to use me as a pacifier around same time. Enjoy this time as it doesnt last forever. I have one child and the thought of never having anymore is really tough.

If shes 11 months it will just take time and patience. If shes 6 months, they are supposed to have mamas milk or formula as their MAIN food source until they’re a year, so if you are weening, you will either need to switch to formula or pump.


When i weaned my son i put a bitter spray candy on the boob after 3 tries and the taste he didnt want it no more. He was lil over a year

Sweetheart❤️ she sounds very sweet as she should at 6 months… she’s teething most definitely.

All 4 of mine have done it and I havent ever had an issue with it :woman_shrugging:t2:I figure they need extra loves and they are only babys for so long and before you know it they wont want you to touch them at all. Shes comfortable with you and needs you when her teeth hurt she knows those are her food sources and doesnt want to share.


It’s comfy for them a safe zone

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At 6 months mamas milk or formula is the main source!

And if you are not going to do self wean! Then cut out one feeding every week!

Is she 6 months or 11?
Under a year breast milk is still the main source of food

Introduce her to her first sippy cup with breastmilk in it would be the best way in my opinion. I started my daughter on baby food by then in addition to her feedings and she loved it. Definitely a comfort and I’m bored type response though so it could take time.

At 6 months old that completely normal honestly it’s a comfort thing, she teething, or growing, or just not feeling well, mothers milk is number one thing to a baby until a year

Feel around her gums if you feel a bump she’s teething. I would recommend a wet baby cloth or a teething ring. Put both in a baggie and put it in the fridge that way it’s cold when you give it to her. Never put it in the freezer also maybe start giving her formula or pump breastmilk as an alternative that way she’s weaning off your boob.

6 month’s old doesn’t want to wean sounds like it. Try baby lead weaning and not cereal. Also prob just teething and needing extra love and cuddles. That’s all LO knows as comfort at this age. It gets better over time. Well to a point. My 5 year old still comes to boobs when he’s hurt is in a pain. We “mommas” make it better for them. You can also try to distract when LO isn’t hungry by playing or reading to teach LO the still get cuddles without boob but i would say 6months is prob still to young for this.

One tablespoon of cereal isn’t enough at that age, she needs more and some baby food
Try pumping and giving her breast milk in a bottle

Shes probably STARVING shes well above the recommended feeding age.
Have you looked up baby led weening ?

Age is 11 mo or 6 mo?? At 6 months I would say to early to wean. 11 months could have more food in their diet which might help with wanting milk so often. 11 months probably teething?