How can I get my 6 year old to sleep in her own room?

How do I get a six-year-old to sleep in her own room? She’s in her own bed, but in our room, she falls asleep holding my hand?


Enjoy it while it lasts, she’ll stop on her own one day and you’ll yearn for those days again


Try moving her bed in her room. Read bedstories and have night lights. Sit there in floor by her bed till fell asleep then quietly move out of the room. If she wakes up put back in bed. Sit there till fall asleep and then move out. Just keep repeating that process for 2 weeks. Then put in her bed bed time story. Give her hug and kiss. Reassure her you in another room if she needs you. Keep on top of it till she gets use it. I had to do that with my granddaughter

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We still have our 5yr old in ours. Hubby will usually move to his bed because he has to have room.

My 7 yr old is still in our bed…we’ve done her own room but she lays awake allnight…
She was sleeping allday so we just allowed her to stay in our bed…I guess she’ll be ready when she’s ready…

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I did this with my son and it works very well if she is 6 years old let her know that you will come back and check on her every 6 minutes and that you will be back every time to check and make sure she is okay and give her a kiss until she is asleep reassure her that you will keep coming back

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I had a friend do this. She still had him in the same bed at 13. Move her bed to her own room.

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First step will have to be moving the bed. Help her fall asleep in her own room in a familiar bed. Put in a night light. It will be hard at first and maybe open-door policy would be good until she has adjusted, so she can come in to get you. But there’s no way I can see to do it without moving her bed.

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She wants to be with you for comfort so maybe you should just cherish the moments. One day she will not even want you stepping in her room.


I actually had this very same issue with my now 9 year old boy…. Our beds were relatively close because he always had to hold my hand or run my arm. Every week I would move his bed a Little further away in the room. Once he was in his own area where he couldn’t hold my hand it was much easier to transition over to his own room.

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As soon as my son became a toddler and no longer needed a crib, we went to a department store where he could choose his bedding. Dinosaur sheets, the color of his blanket, and a dinosaur comforter. I bought dinosaur stuffed animals he could sleep with and a dinosaur lamp. He was thrilled with his room! That first night, he was a little scared and called for me twice…the first time was a test run to make sure I would be there. The second time he called for me, I stayed until he fell back to sleep. That was it…except for the occasional bad dream. He slept in his own room and was proud to be a “big boy”.


When my daughter decided (on her own) to sleep in her room, we did a little reward every time she woke up in her own bed in the morning lol that definitely helped. And I took her to the store and let her choose a new comforter set. And every night she chooses which stuffed animal to cuddle!

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I got mines a night light bear to hug and a projected stars light for her ceiling. She loves being in her room now.


The judgment about a mom not wanting to sleep with a child in her room is crazy. The passive aggressive “it goes so fast” or “you’re gonna miss it” isn’t helpful :unamused:
The kid is 6 lol. I think mom has more than earned the right to choose for herself.

Mom, whatever method you choose, be consistent! We sabotage ourselves when we give in because it’s easier. It’s really not lol


I sat by my sons bed The first night leaning my head on his bed and holding his hand, the first time he got up I told him it was time to go back to bed gave him a kiss and put him down then every time he got up after that I just picked him up, didn’t say anything and put him back in bed Took four or five times of him trying to but then he fell asleep. The next night we went through the same routine only I was sitting in his doorway. The night after that I sat in the hallway doing the same routine. The next night I was in my room I did the routine. After that he slept in his own roomUnless he wasn’t feeling good. Persistence is key.


My son sleeps in his own room and I lay with him and hold his hand every night till he falls asleep and then I leave. He is 3 tho.


i’d probably recommend to move her bed into her room, have her pick out new bedding (or something else that’s in your budget - new pillow, special stuffie, cool nightlight) and make it special. then pull up a chair and hold her hand at night like usual. then if she gets up in the middle of the night, go in and hold her hand.

if you’re “extra” (and i probably would be :joy:) i’d have a special “amy’s first night in her big kids bedroom!” dinner with candles and talking about what mom and dads kid bedrooms were like… just make a big deal about how you’re excited that she’s finally old enough to be in her own room.


Put her bed back in her room, put her butt in her bed and tell her to go to sleep. It really is that easy. YOU are the parent!


My 3 year old is the same way! Get a pair of cheap gloves & make yourself a rice bag glove. Warm it up a little before bed & see if that will work. Works for mine.

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I totally understand wanting her out. My son was the same was. I started having to sleep with him in his own room and then he got used to it. But It’s so cute she holds your hand, you’re her comfort :sparkling_heart: