How can I get my 6 year old to sleep in her own room?

Let the child pick out some new stuff for their room. Maybe a special night light, bedding a stuffy and pjs etc. I have an essential oil diffuser that also acts as a night light and a sound machine, its been magic for my children. You can maybe start by staying w her until she falls asleep holding your hand. I followed joe frost (the nanny) and you get the kid ready for bed, do kisses and stories etc. Say “it’s bedtime” and leave the room, if she gets up then you put her back and say “bed” if she does it again then you place her back with no words and you continue to do so until they stay. Consistency and sticking to what method you do is the most important

Put her bed in her room start a routine that she likes and involves time with you and reward her with praise and fun activities when she stays in her own room


My Son is almost 7. He started in my bed and it was tough getting him out. I played sleepy relaxing music on loop in his room. Bought a string of lights at Ikea and wrapped them around his bed. I told him he could sleep in my bed on the weekends. It worked! After a while, I told him he could sleep in my bed either Fri or Sat, that he could choose. He asked me every day for months:
What day it is??
I love him SO much♥️


At any age you have to stay in their room until they fall asleep. Even when they wake up during the night. It’s very hard I know, and there will be many nights that you’ll give up and say oh wth one more night, then start again. Until they suddenly stay in their bed and they don’t need you anymore. That my dear, will hurt. Enjoy your child :heart:

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My 7-year-old still sleeps with me sometimes and I don’t care one bit because one day she won’t do it anymore. She has her own room, bed, and everything but finds it hard to fall asleep sometimes. She is getting better and is leading the way on her own. My first thought when I read she falls asleep holding your hand was how sweet is that. Some kids take longer to transition your her safe place let her feel safe and eventually she will move in her own room under her own steam


Don’t worry about it, my daughter was like that until she was about 7 and then just grew out of wanting me next to her when she fell asleep… she’s now 15 and a hug would be nice but a teenager who thinks hugs are yuck !!!


My almost 4 year old usually falls asleep in my bed or his own if he’s in mine then I move him out in his bed. He usually comes back out in my room around 4-5 am and gets in and falls back to sleep. So once he’s asleep I moved him back out to his room again. I’m hoping he will eventually want to just stay in his bed

My 6 yr old granddaughter did that for a long time. If she couldn’t sleep with her mom she would come sleep with me. I told her she couldn’t sleep with me either so she brought her blanket & pillow & slept on the floor by my bed! Eventually she stayed in her own bed. I miss those days now!

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Sit with her holding her hand while she’s in her bed in her room

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Mine have never slept in my room since they was babies but my 5 almost 6 yr old daughter sleeps on the couch in our living room right in front of our room. I just keep letting her I gota get her moved too

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I would love to know myself the struggle is real with my twins. I would love to have more then an inch of room to sleep every night lol

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We struggled with this with my 4 year old and one day we sat her down explained she would be sleeping in her big girl bed because baby brother was gonna be coming soon. She tried arguing about it at first but when bed time rolled around we took her in there tucked her in put all her stuff animals in there . Had her lamp on & tv on. And she did perfectly fine been sleeping in there ever sense with zero issues. I honestly struggled with it more then she did.

Appreciate it!!!
It won’t last forever!

I have 2 older kids that sleep upstairs in their own rooms. And a 7 year old, that has his own room upstairs, but has a toddler bed in our bedroom.

I hold his hand for him to go to sleep.

Give it another few months, maybe a year…then it’s done.
And I promise it’s sad!!!


My son picked out his own bedding, nightlight, and had his favorite bear in hand… I read him a story and he was out like nothing for his first time in his own bed in his own room. And he is 6.

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I slept with my son for the first 2 weeks. At first I would stay for the entire night after a few days I would go back to my bed once he fell asleep. He would ask me in the morning if slept with him and I would just say “yes baby I did”. After about 2 weeks he was ok to sleep on his own i would just tell him to go to bed and that once mom was done with whatever I was doing I would go to bed with him.

Awwwww I love this. Mine used to fall asleep holding my hand too. Now he doesn’t really wanna … maybe once a week if I’m lucky. He is 7 now. Just enjoy it while she is still willing :joy:They grow up so darn fast and then “Hey mom- I wanna sleep in my own room” comes SO FAST

I still have my baby monitor. My 5 yr old and 3 yr old both dont even leave bed from nightmares because I can talk to them and they know I can see them.

Maybe you can buy her some cool galaxy/nebula/starry night sky projector type night light. Hype her up about it and let her know how cool her room is. Let her know that Mom is there anytime that she needs you but shes a big girl who deserves an awesome big kid room :sunglasses: I co-slept with my daughter and I was fortunate that she did so well with the transition so I’m not going to pretend it’ll be easy peasy but I wish you luck.

Both my daughters have slept in there own room since they were six months old. I never co-slept with them either and I still don’t with my 9 month old son. The only reason he’s not in his own room is because all the other bedrooms are upstairs while mine is downstairs and I don’t feel comfortable with my kid’s sleeping up there alone! I hope you can figure out good luck!

We do the falling asleep but in her bed not gonna lie it works like 45 percent of the time but that’s because I’m a push over and let me kids sleep with me every other time

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