How can I get my 8-month-old to stay in her crib?

My 8 month old used to sleep alone in her crib until about 6 months. I cannot get her to stay all night. She cries and cries until we put her in our bed. Any ideas how to get her to stay in the crib?


When she cries don’t put her in your bed. You have basically taught her that’s what will happen if she cries.


Don’t give in and she’ll eventually cry herself to sleep. Otherwise, she’ll be doing this as long as she’s getting her way 🤷


My daughter would do this whenever we were in the same room, once I moved her into her own room and she didn’t see her father or I when she woke up she’d sooth herself back to sleep or cry for a couple of minutes and fall back to sleep, maybe try putting her in her own room and see if that works better

Go to the crib when she crys,lay her back down and cover her up and tell her shes ok and you love her then walk away.keep doing it after a few days she will see your not giving into her


She obviously is comforted by you. I would let her in your bed until she doesn’t want to.


No advice. Five years later…mine is still in my bed. :cold_sweat:


Mine went through this at the age of 2!!! :sob::sob: lasted like 6m - well actually until Covid started - I was having to sleep in her room on an air mattress and then she still wouldn’t sleep all that sound. Once Covid started, my 6yr old son took over for me sleeping in her room. Now she sleeps thru the night - he still sleeps on her floor but that’s his choice not Bc she makes him.

Best advice I can give, don’t put her in your room. Try getting her back to sleep in her bed and reassure her she will be ok - all the books say don’t sneak out Bc of “trust issues” - I also have a baby monitor that I can talk to her in so I showed her the live feed of her room and told her how I watch her all night.

Not the advice you’re looking for but just let her in your bed. They’re only little for a little while


My 16 month old does this. It gets very frustrating … but I keep telling myself it will only last a little while. He used to sleep through the night, now hes up once or twice 10 something and then 2 something like clock work every night. Good luck mama.

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Mine are 15 and 17 and don’t want to lay with us anymore. I cherish the times they slept with us. :woman_shrugging:


Consistency and ear plugs? It’ll take about two weeks if standing just inside the room. With the lights off Eventually when she figures out your not gonna give in she’ll settle down.


Life is short. Fetch her and all go back to sleep. Baby years are not forever. Kids of all ages love to be close to their parents.


You have to be consistent and keep putting her back in her bed. After a few days she will get used to it again. Don’t give up! Try having a night light in her room and maybe a noise machine or small fan for the noise.


Co sleeping has so many wonderful benefits.


Both my kids age 4 and 2 still sleep in my bed. It’s not worth the hassle and sleepless nights trying to get them to stay in their own bed


My advice if you are interested in sleep training:

Sleep sack, sound machine and sleep training… is she still eating at night? If not, then it’s intervals of walking in, putting her down and giving her the Pacifier/lovey whatever and walking back out of the door. You can’t pick her up or it will never work. I do 3 min, then 5 mins then, 7,10,13,15 until asleep in the beginning. If still not asleep, then i restart/check diaper etc but usually this works.

As time goes on you learn your child. Mine (22m but will occasionally have a bad night here and there where i have to reinforce proper sleep behavior) I have to wait at least 10min or he will be even worse to get down and it will take 30+ min rather than just 10-15. But other kiddos need you to come in immediately at like 3-5min and then will go right back to sleep! (please note- we are currently in a hotel room and i put him in a pack n play at 7:30pm. He made some noise, cried on and off for maybe 3 min and is now out cold. I don’t think that would have happened without sleep training!!!)

Now, if you aren’t interested in sleep training, then cuddle that baby in your bed. It’s about what works for you and your family- not about what others think you should do.


She’s your child. You should know & feel what she needs. One day, she doesn’t want you around her business anymore & that’s the time you will realize how you made her feel during the time when you wanted her in her crib but all she needed was to be beside you. :slight_smile:


Let her cry herself to sleep an stop giving in🤦‍♀️you are starting a bad habit an she knows it so she is now going to use it to her advantage!!


Stop getting her out. Sleep training as an infant is way easier than sleep training an older child. Be consistent, drink lots of wine and get earplugs. She’ll adapt.