How can I get my 8 year old to eat what I make her?

Getting an eight year old to stop demanding I cook her separate meals because she refuses 80% of the meals I give her. I’m out of patience. My 3 and 4 year old eat basically everything. She just wants starch, salty or sugary stuff, and fruits. She refuses any and all meats and veggies. Wont eat eggs or any kid friendly protein shakes I make. I can’t send her to bed with no food. She screams and cries and says I don’t like her when I try forcing her. I give her the most attention so it upsets me when she says that. Please moms. I need suggestions or anyone whose been in this situation to help. I failed with her by not forcing it when she was younger like I do my boys. So it is partially my fault for this. please be kind with responses.


She can eat dinner or a sandwich. Nothing else. If she chooses to go to bed hungry then so be it. A person won’t starve themselves.


My son is 7 I have the same problem. If I cook and he doesn’t eat it thats his own choice and he can miss dinner. He will go to bed upset and without eating and that sucks but its his choice for not eating a perfectly healthy meal.


A child offered food will not starve themselves. She’ll catch on pretty quick when you stop making her a separate dinner.


Why can’t you send her to bed without dinner? If she chooses not to eat oh well! My 6 yr old is very picky and tries this often!! We k ow she truly doesn’t like pasta so we don’t make her eat it but everything els she MUST try it. Usually I let her be done after a few bites but no before bed snack or snack the next day after school if she doesn’t finish her dinner!
Also I have done no after school snack and a very late dinner. When I do that she is really hungry by dinner and she eats without complaining


My daughter does this and we send her to bed without dinner. She gets the choice though, she can eat what we make, or she can starve. She won’t starve to death, but she’ll learn to eat what’s made or go hungry.


Its the drama of a 6 year old …my daughter swares I love her brothers more…

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My not quite 8 year old tried that a for a while. I was the mean mom and said ok, starve.
After some epic meltdowns :roll_eyes: he eats.


Shes def old enough to know learn a “natural consequence” “you dont eat youll be hungry later” If mine dont eat they dont get any snacks after that either. Im working on my 3 yo but my 8yo was like that and she quickly stopped now she eats EVERYTHING. If she dont eat save her plate so when she is “hungry” her dinner is there for her to eat before she wants a treat or snack. Currently i bribe my 3yo when he sees his sister get a nice cookie after he will then choose to eat his dinner so he can have that cookie. The only thing im lienient on is meat bc he wont eat it but the rest needs to be eaten.


Give 2 choices either eat what you make for everyone or a pbj sandwich.


They eat what I make. And if they “don’t like it” I make them at least try it. My son is hit and miss with certain veggies. He is to eat the amount i put on his plate or no dessert! 9 chances out of 10 he’ll eat it because he wants something sweet lol

Get her involved? Make a menu for the week with her. Have her help where she can to make it. Sometimes positive helps. Not always I know.


I used to have that problem too. My 7 year old was just plain picky and wouldn’t eat any meat we fixed, well over the summer she stayed at her Nana’s who thought it was cute that my daughter was a “vegetarian” (she may very well be when she gets a little older, at current moment she’s just being a picky poop. Stick a chicken nugget in front of her and she’ll wolf it down) well long story short, there was two straight weeks once she got home of “eat what we fix or go hungry” and she’s chilled out a bit now. I do try to fix at least one side for every meal I know she’ll eat but I’m not about fixing multiple meals. Also look into multivitamins for kids, until your child sorts out their diet.


So your 8 yr old is the bosssss?


My 4 year old is like that! I make him sit at that table tell he eats.or he can go hungry i tell him im not maken anything.

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When I was a kid we ate what mom made or we didn’t eat. If she gets hungry enough she will eat!


My boys started doing this when they were smaller, I had them help me prep dinner. We would do taste test and we would add r remove some spices until we all came in agreement on how it tastes. Now at 9 we plan the dinners for the week. This helped us and yes it took a few extra minutes but every meal gets eatten. If you try this I hope it works.


Can you incorporate vegetables or meat into something she does like? Like putting small pieces of broccoli in her mac and cheese? Or on pizza? The other kids might like it also. That way everyone wins. (Don’t tell her its on there)If it doesn’t work, I would not let her have her way and get junk food. …she’d have to eat what everyone else is eating. It might take a couple of times because now she’s in a pattern and knows how to get what she wants


I totally understand picky kids but as a teacher with lots of experience in special needs… her food choice sound very interesting. Perhaps check with her pediatrician. Could be a sensory issue or something else, lots of those babies are really picky about whay they tolerate in thier mouths.


My 9 yr old is the same wants fruit, sugar, and carbs. She does however love steak so we make her that every weekend on the grill. I make eggs every morning for bfast she does eat them mostly cuz she’s hungry lol I do let her put ketchup or syrup on them however she wants. I try to do pancakes 1 day sausage the next biscuits n gravy but always eggs every day its the main part of our bfast cooked pretty much scrambled or fried. She hates it but eats it. She either eats or shes hungry I have 4 kids i don’t have time or $ to cook separate meals. I do buy her lunchables to make my life easier :relieved: she doesnt get them daily but sometimes. We do some processed food too like hot pockets, pizza rolls, mac n cheese, hot dogs, ravioli Bfast is the 1 homemade meal every day that she HAS to eat and does now without fuss.