How can I get my 9-month-old interested in food?

My ten-month-old won’t eat anything. He just wants his bottle. He even refuses baby food most of the time. He is gaining weight, ok. He weighed 18lbs at his 9-month appointment. I’ve tried all the baby food, Gerber meals, Gerber cookies and puffs, chicken tenders, fries, grits, mashed potatoes you name it I’ve tried, and he turns his nose up at it. It’s stressing me out because I feel he is hungry. Do any moms have any tips that might get him interested in food?

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He might just not be ready. Try again in a few weeks

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My son didn’t start wanting food until a year old.

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How about fruits…melon, peaches, grapes(cut up) applesauce etc. Cheese?

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He will eat when he’s ready. Just keep trying and keep trying different things

Food before 1 is just for fun. I wouldn’t force it too much. He gets what he needs from his bottle.


Stop trying. Let him do it on his own. Give him his normal bottle just before dinnertime. Then sit him in his highchair up to the table with the family for dinner. Put food on his tray and let him play, he will probably taste as well.


Food before one is just for fun. They get all of the nutrients they need from breast milk/formula.


Do food and then bottle.

Yeah only you didnt try to cook for him home food…


Definitely limit his bottle if you want him eating food and make sure you are eating with him

Our child ate everything…but for the past 10 months. She wont eat anything…

The only thing my son wants to eat is potato chips. ( I give him veggie straws to ease my mind and he loves them!)

Food before one is just for fun. Keep offering if you want but he’s ok for now. Just keep making him sit with you guys at mealtime and he’ll figure it out


My son goes through phases. One day loves something, next day hates it. The main constant for him has been fruit. He LOVES fresh fruit.

Also, when getting him to try new things, he seems to be more willing if Mom & Dad are eating it too. If we bite it, then he is interested and wants to try it, too.

My daughter was like that you just gotta keep trying until you find the right stuff he likes but pediatrician might have some suggestions

I only offered our kids bits of what we were eating at that age. My daughter took to food quickly my son was lazy and had no interest until after his first birthday.

All mine ate what we ate by age 4 months… By 9 months their bottle was only three times a day.

When baby is hungry don’t immediately give bottle. He will eat if he’s hungry. Try soft food like banana or Apple sauce.

They are capable of eating what we eat.

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Kids won’t starve themselves. This was the best advice i was given about food. Even as he ages there will be times he will seemingly not eat anything and times you’ll think you need a 2nd job to afford to feed him. Its all normal & as long as hes gaining weight there isnt anything to worry about.

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Try fruits and veggies! My kids loved and still love strawberries, carrots, bananas and blueberries! They’re soft and easy to eat with only a couple teeth!