How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?

Hi, I’m wondering if I could get advice on how to get my baby to sleep through the night? He’s six months old and is a really good routine; he naps at 10 am 1 pm and 4 pm for 30-40 mins each day. He drinks 7oz of formula four times a day and has two spoon feeds of puree in between bottles. He went down to sleep at 7 pm without a problem and used to sleep until 5 am, wake for a bottle and then go back until 7.30 am. That was before he hit the four-month sleep regression. I’ve noticed him waking more since I started him on purees, but that was two months ago now. Anyway, now he wakes at 10.30 pm for a 5th bottle which I don’t mind. But he’s also waking up for his bottle a few times a night as he too little to find it in the cot himself. He again now wakes at 2 pm and 5 pm for the bottle, I think these two feeds are just habit, but he does drink about 4 to 5oz each time. We just moved him into his own room this week and are planning on using the self soothing method, but I don’t know if he will go back asleep without giving him the bottle. Or would he if we just let him cry? Last night we were up eight times between dodies and 3 feeds. Yesterday I changed his naps to 11.30am and 3.30 pm to try cut out the later nap and then bed at 7pm but he still woke loads. Hes never really screaming for a bottle until the 5am feed when he won’t take the dodie. We also have sleeps sounds playing through the night for him. I’m just looking for some tips, we will try anything at this stage. He such a happy baby otherwise! Thanks in advance.


What kind of puree do you feed him? I always fed my kids their last feeding at 9:00 usually cereal an they slept till 6:00–7:00 am.

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Sounds ri me like he may need more solids, ie porridge/wetabix for breakfast then lunch dinner and bottle for bed xx

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My daughter is 15 months and still doesnt sleep through the night most nights lol

My daughter didn’t consistently sleep through the night until she was over a year old. Sometimes they just don’t. I know it is rough. Hang in there mama.

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6 months is a little soon to expect them to. While some babies do sleep through the night at that age, a lot do not.


Feed him play for about ten minutes before bed n move the time back to 8:30 or 9

I’d cut the nap in half let him nap 1 hour a day say 12pm to 1pm and try to fill him up 1 hour before bed with food try that for 2 weeks as if you don’t stick to something for a least 2weeks you won’t know for sure, I done this with my daughter but you may have to play around with it every 2 weeks to see what suits your baby, good luck x

If he’s drinking 4-5 oz when he wakes up, it sounds like he needs to eat then rather than it being a habit. Could be a growth spurt or gearing up for one. Most babies aren’t sleeping all night at 6 months even with a good routine- they have tiny tummies and grow a lot.


Only 1 out of 3 of my kids seep through the night, unfortunately. Once my daughter was about 10 years old she started sleeping. Both of my boys, 7 years and 2 years, still don’t sleep through the night. :woozy_face: The 2 year old ends up in my bed most nights.

Give him cereal at bedtime . But , he’s awfully young to expect him to sleep through the night . I never let mine self sooth , cry it out etc . Just couldn’t do it . One slept through night at six weeks , one at eight weeks and one got up six times a night for the first year .


He is only six months old. That’s completely normal. My daughter is six months. She takes small cat naps and maybe one good hour nap. She eats 6 ounces every three hours on the dot. She eats purées once a day. She is never ready for bed before ten and if she naps late she will be up even later. She wakes at least twice a night to eat. She has about 4 ounces and goes right back to sleep. Usually around 3 and 6 am. Then sleeps until 8/9. Most babies don’t sleep all night and I definitely wouldn’t be doing cry it out. If your baby wakes up crying at six months old he is hungry. At this point you should be on his schedule and not expecting him to sleep all night just yet. My son is almost five and still wakes up every single night


My kiddos didn’t sleep through the night until they were around 2

I’m not sure if he is to younge for this still or not but if he is old enough add a little bit of rice cereal to his last bottle of the night and that’ll keep him fuller for a little bit longer.

If your home air is dry due to heating a cool mist humidifier might help. He maybe waking up thristy

Too many naps.Baby only needs one.Try keeping him up as long as possible after 2pm.

We didn’t let my daughter nap after 2p.m. and moved bed time time to 8pm, and fed her a solid, like baby food, bananas, rice, cereal, baby snacks, etc 4 times a day, basically eith every daytime bottle, and at the same time every day

Rice cereal! I always added some to my kids baby food! I did it cuz of reflux but it will help w sleep too if baby’s not full enough they’ll wake more often especially during growth spurts.

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Seems like way too early for bedtime to expect baby to sleep through the night. Keep it at 2 naps a day and push bedtime back to 9 or 10. Finish the night with a nice warm bath with lavender and feed baby and play before bed. Use a white noise machine in the baby’s room to drown out any outside noise and help soothe baby to sleep.


Hes a baby he’s not going to sleep through the night because he’s only 6 months so of course he’s waking up to feed. He’s hungry. Feed your baby and make a pot of coffee