How can I get my baby to sleep?

I’m having trouble, I have tried everything from feeding him to keeping him up to bath to whatever else and still no luck with that. he just fights to stay awake at night/ throughout the night the only trick ive found is to take his hands and legs away, ( sounds worse than what it is)… i lay him in bed take his hands under the blanks, hold them there and with my arm hold his legs down while i give him the bottle… he sleeps with me because he just will not sleep on his own no matter what I try; he is a 10month old preemie… my oldest slept with me till she was five and she is a great sleeper when she was a baby. I need help and opinions, tips and tricks you have…


Routine is really important. Swaddling could help. Rice cereal in the bottle. If its breast milk try to give him milk you pumped at night as it has melatonin in it to help baby’s sleep.

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10 month preemie should have wake times of their due dates i think. You should get precious little sleep book. Holding arms down isn’t going to work. Schedule naps and bedtime strictly, ensure you are following appropriate wake times and get a noise machine. My daughter had to be walked and bounced to sleep.

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My husband and I used to have to swaddle our daughter tightly and hug her while rocking to white noise or a lullaby.

My 2 yr old would only sleep if she was in her swing with the vibration on. Shes still a nightmare at bedtime

I started to use the cry it out method and it was the only thing that would work for my bub and i found that a routine helps


My oldest daughters are twins and we’re both premie babies, but we never had any issues with them sleeping. Once they started sleeping through the night, at about 2 months old, they continued to sleep through the night, unless something was wrong. I do NOT judge any other mother by their choices, but maybe try not co-sleeping. I say that because if you make sure he is fed, changed, and not to warm/cold, I would suggest the “cry it out” method. Some moms say that’s harsh and they would never, and each baby is different, but it has worked for mine on those restless nights. I would give the bottle, bath them, clean diaper and wrap them up. Then in the crib they went. Usually after a few minutes of them crying, they were out. Granted, there may be an underlying problem that you may need to speak to your pediatrician about.


A bath with lavender

Have you tried night time Gripe water? And the night time baby bath and lotion? Helps my 7 month old. We do dinner at 7, bath time just after. About 830 she gets a bottle with night time Gripe water and gas drops and then I lay her beside me on the couch with paci and she falls asleep pretty quickly.

warm bath with epsom salts. I like the lavender scented one from target. The magnesium helps calm and get them to sleep THAT being said my oldest was 17 months before he slept all night

Try a sleeper sack thing

Don’t talk or play.
When it’s time to go to sleep, no more talking.
Mine will giggle from eye contact :woman_shrugging:t2:
It’s not mean, but if you ignore completely they’ll get the point.
*Mine is in bed with me when I do this too!

Have you tried sleep sacs ?? My little guy wouldn’t sleep without one… kinda like what your saying whenver his hands and arms were free he would not settle. I found one that his arms didn’t come out of an was really snug with a zipper. An I legit washed that thing everyday for 6 plus months because it was the only way he would sleep all night!!

I solely breastfeed and my baby wants to sleep on me using my nipples like a dummy. I’ve tried the cry it out method she just steamed herself until she was in a proper panic, little heart beating super hard. Ive now got her sleeping 4 hours at a time in her own bed (falls asleep on me before I put her down)
You need to try to enforce regular nap times in the day. An overtired baby is impossible to get to sleep. If you add 2 maybe 3 naps (short 0r long) in the day they shouldn’t get so overtired and fight it so much. I’ve also found with my baby that she’s desperate to sleep with me but wakes far to often cuddled up to me by restrictions if not being able to move to certain positions, me moving irritating her. I know you may love co sleeping and baby wants mummy but trust me your baby will have a better sleep on its own. I give in and let my 7 month old fall asleep on me, keep her here till she snores then put her down, otherwise she tosses turns and gets miserable even though she’s where she wants to be. Good luck

P.S. worst thing you can do is try to keep your baby up, overtired babies do not give in! The fact you have to physically hold your baby still to get it to sleep makes your baby sound very overtired (my son was exactly the same as a baby when overtired) - its not doing baby any good, calm baby down for sleep earlier not later, add more napps, sounds like your baby needs them

Calpol plug in changed my life honestly get one we used the Camomile and lavender one

They have weighted sleep sacks and sleep pods (they done have arm holes but bigger shoulder areas) that work great. My youngest is 3 months but we’ve done the same thing with our older 2- bedtime routine is no stimulation after dinner, bath, book time in the dim light, placing them down while asleep with white noise and the room dark. We started the putting them down awake for naps and they have all put themselves to sleep since about 5 months (we are working with our youngest- following his cues).

My kids usually ALWAYS want to play or talk or laugh, but as soon as I turn on their fan (used as a white noise machine because it points at the closet to “keep monsters away” and not them) they are asleep within 5 mins.

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Have you tried a sleep sack?

A sleep schedule worked well for me. I would try a morning nap 2hours after waking followed by another nap 3 hours later. If you get up at 7 nap at 9 or 9.30-10.30/11 and then another nap 2-4 and bed at 8. If this doesn’t work then do 1nap a day for 2.5hours usually 4hours after waking. By 10months they would be usually cutting down to 1 nap a day but may be longer with a preemie. Good luck