How can I get my baby to sleep?

Merlin sleep suit is amazing

Professional sleep therapist. They are little angels

How old? He might like to be swaddled. If you can’t swaddle (I suck at it), you can buy swaddles.

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Get them moving so much and skip nap time. The more you wear them out the better they sleep.
A full belly, a worn out body, and a stimulated mind keep a baby asleep.

And if all else fails, you may just have to wait it out. Sometimes they just grow out of it as they lose the needs that make them wake up. (Teething, feeding, e.t.c. )

If they like having their arms by their side try a sleep sack, Definitely look in to them because I don’t know if there is an age to stop or stuff like that but my baby loved being swaddled in blankets and it worked like a charm

My grandkids I would very softly brush my hand over their eyes and they would fall asleep

Merlins magic sleep suit worked for my preemie nefew. His little arms would jerk around like he was falling and wake him up. These suits have a little weight and would help keep him still.

i have a 4.5 year old going thru sleep regression and I am losing it!! u are not alone hun!! even tho I have tried everything (even taking him to the doc n she prescribed benedryl NO GO!) try to wear his lil a$$ out! put him in a walker n let him go CRAZY n then try the bath an a white noise machine maybe n if he goes down when u take his arms n legs away try to get the biggest sleep sak even if u have to have it taken out n make it his size tht may help cuz he’s pretty swaddled but sleep regression is REAL n sometimes u just gotta wait it out UN FLIPPIN FORTUNATELY!# good luck luv

I posted here but this page never putting up . I have the same problem with my son 6 months he will not sleep at night at all tried everything you can think of in the book . Everything!!! The only thing that helps him is waking him up at 8 in the Morning he naps at 11 or 12 noon time . Last nap 4 o clock or 5 then I try to keep him up until 9 and that’s the only thing that he help just a little bit here

We use brauers sleep its a natural herbal liquid that helps them fall asleep. We normally give it before a bottle as it helps if they are rested.
Worked really well for us with our 9 month old and 2 year old.

I’m sure youv tried it,but a good evening routine.soft lighting in a quiet bedroom.quietly getting in night clothes,feed then settling in bedding.

I got an amazing swaddle blanket for my son it worked a treat they have Velcro so there is no option of getting arms and legs out

I have no clue I rocked mine to sleep and laid them in their crib rubbed their back a few minutes and left the room
I had one that started sleeping through the night at 7 days old
The only time they woke up was if they were sick

Unfortunately some children don’t sleep as well as others. Neither hmof mine have been good sleepers.
My advice would be to find whatever works for you, please do the beat yourself up about it and accept help from your friends and family. As previously mentioned I would try to swaddle however that is more difficult as they get older.
Chin up mama. You’re doing amazingly xx

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We used calming baby lotion. After bath a good rub down with that lotion and he was already yawning. Then it was just some rocking and his sleep song and nighty night.

Swaddle works wonders. Bounce and rock. Or possibly look into colic?

I also had a premie, born at approximately 30 weeks. Very tiny. My baby weighed 4lb 12oz when I was able to bring my baby home. I swaddled my baby, rocked and of course fed her about every 2-3 hours. It took many months for my baby to “catch up” to how a normal weight new born would sleep. I know it is difficult and can be exhausting. Is there anyone that can help you during the day so you can get a little uninterrupted sleep? This will pass. Today my baby is grown with children of her own.

I feel ya! My daughter is 14 months and does not sleep as well! I find bringing her outside for 20-30 minutes twice a day helps a bit as well as a schedule.

Some babies sleep well and others don’t! I wouldn’t stress there’s necessarily something you aren’t doing right. Sounds like she would enjoy swaddling and perhaps try white noise? :blush:

Separation anxiety for my baby he’s 19 months