How can I get my baby to sleep?

Girl swaddle him and see if it helps on night, maybe try to lay him on you and pat his butt.

my 4 month old daughter absolutely refuses to nap during the day. she fights it as well. the only way i can get her to nap is after i feed her & lay her in my arms & i squat with her. it gets very tiring for me but also for her because it puts her to sleep. it only lasts about 15-20 minutes but it’s something.
for nighttime/bedtime shes on a schedule to have a bath at 8:30. after that i put calming nighttime lotion on, get her dressed & in a swaddle. putting her in a swaddle changed my entire life. then i turn off all the lights & make sure there is no noise or light in the room. she finishes eating & i’m able to lay her down in the bassinet with no problem.

Every baby is different, my daughter is 2 and still doesn’t sleep through the night.

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If he likes the tightness then get some receiving or nursing blankets whichever is big enough and swaddle him, sounds like he likes the closeness and security my daughter was more or less swaddled until she was 18 months and she’s 2 1/2 now and still sleeps with me, has to be touching me most nights. Do whatever you think as a mother will make him most comfortable and it sounds like you are his comfort

Sounds like you need a sleep sack. It will confine his arms. That’s the only way my daughter wld sleep

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I had a tough sleeper. Make a routine: such as, snack, bath (I just put him in there, wash every other, hair once or twice a week, dr teal’s melatonin bubble bath), lotion, PJs, drink, book, quiet time where you hang out in the bedroom with dim lights, and then I’d walk to sleep and lay him down with a gently weighted blanket (I know you’re not supposed to but he was in a pack and play in my room) with a binky, a very dim nightlight, and a noisemaker of some kind. That was my routine. Do this every night for ten nights before you give up. Same time frame, within half an hour every night. If that doesn’t work, idk what would. That’s how I got my kid to sleep in his own room. I started there and gradually by his first birthday he was on his own in a dark room w door shut, willingly sleeping every night.

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When my little boy was a baby he used to like hearing music, or white noise. I’d have to hold him in my arms and sometimes sing to him. But he would nod off and eventually I could place him down. I’d then keep whatever music playing quietly in the background.

White noise! Only way that My daughter would fall asleep is if I had the vacuum on :joy: I burnt out two vacuums lol but whatever works. Other than that we just put rain sounds or wind sounds on YouTube and it played for like 10 hours non stop .

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Halo sleep sack he may sleep better alone. Mine did.

Routine, music or white noise, a large swaddle or sleep sack, and dark room. Every single time.

Sounds like a baby that needs to be swaddled. My youngest daughter loves being swaddled to sleep and she is 18 months old. She brings me her blanket of choice for the night, lays down and puts her arms where they are needed for the swaddle. We use a fan as white noise to keep her attention from being got at every small noise. We developed a routine. My first two were not swaddle babies.

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Mine wouldn’t fall asleep unless he was in my arms. And sometimes that wouldn’t be until after midnight.
No guarantees this will work for you but you can try it if you want:

I would give mine a bottle shortly before bedtime. Then I’d lay him down in his bed. I laid next to him on the floor and would pretend to sleep until he eventually cried himself to sleep. Then I’d sneak out. Did that EVERY night at the same time for over a week (yours might take longer so if you try this, be patient mama). He still goes to bed at that same time and most nights I have no problems.

Nicu momma here! How early was the babe! Nicu babies learn to self sooth a lot sooner that full term babies. Maybe he need his space. He was used to this in the nicu. Have you tried a co sleeper or turning your crib into a toddler bed and place it next to yours. Your still right their but it gives him his own space too.

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I’m not a parent, so please forgive me for speaking out of turn if I am, but I think you can get something like a weighted blanket? Maybe that would help from your description of what you have found that works? Anyway I hope you find a solution soon :slight_smile:

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This was posted earlier…swaddle your child.

A glove or sock of warmed rice laid on the back or side. It feels like your hand is on him.

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Put child in their own bed that’s how you make them sleep put them in bed walk away the end as for putting them in your bed with you bad idea I lost a niece to that and still 20 years later still feel her parents should have been charged

At that age, my daughter went through a “fear of missing out” phase. I had the same problems, until I would take her to the living room and the kitchen and show her that there’s nobody there. She would always fall asleep without fighting after that. (I had to make sure hubby was in another bedroom with doors closed so she wouldn’t see him)

Pink noise and the zen sleep sack has helped my 3 month old to sleep