How can I get my boyfriend to help with our child?

I and my bd have two little girls, and he has a son with a different mother…how many times do you ask him for help doing anything… like example washing bottles… changing diapers… playing with them? Being a dad, just not a provider? This has caused many arguments because he simply doesn’t want to help… or be involved in anything lifting a hand for the period. He treats his son different than our daughters… he is harder on the girls than his son, and he’s older and has stated that he is his favorite. I don’t know what else to do or to even bother in making him try to help me… i’m losing my sanity.


Sorry but u can’t force someone to be a parent. If he doesn’t want to maybe rethink ur relationship


If he wasn’t helping after the first one, what made you believe that he would change after the second?


I mean it sounds like it comes up a lot if you two argued about it. I would rethink what you two have and go your separate way. You said your piece of that hasn’t worked than maybe leaving him might open up his eyes. You gotta do what’s right for the kiddos.


And you gave him 2 beautiful children, Why?


Get a new boyfriend…

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I assume he probably gets less time with his son so he probably is more lenient because no one wants to be hard on a child they don’t have all the time.
Do you work?
Not that he shouldn’t be making an effort with the kids BUT if you’re home and he isn’t then maybe he feels that’s way it’s supposed to be. And you just need to ASK him for help, dont argue just ask for it.


My husband hits 90 hours a week, works outside and we have 6 kids and he helps out. I seen how good he was with our first… don’t ever allow favoritism thats not ok. EVER!


I would probably just move along. You didnt stay with him to be a single parent, yet, you are. He is also playing favorites and that can be very damaging to your daughters. We would have to split.


Why did you have a second? Did he help the first time?
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.
Sorry, but you were well aware that he was a slug.


You can’t. If it’s not in him…you can’t create a new him…walk away


Wish women would stop making babies with a “boyfriend “. That would fix a lot of issues


If he says that his son is his favorite and he’s harder on his children that he has with you then you should hang the relationship up. He doesn’t respect you or your children and quite possibly he may still have feelings for his son’s mother. You and your kids deserve better


Get another boyfriend :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Is this the bad spouse page?


Tell him regardless of who his favorite is…Be a Dang man! They are all his kids.

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Says that his son is his favorite and treats him differently than the girls? eeeeee.

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Favoritism is definitely NOT OK!! You need to move on.


You call him your baby daddy maybe both of you have fallen out of touch with each other


There’s no room in a family for favoritism. Just because his work day ends that doesn’t mean that he don’t have to be a father. I think if I were you I would put thing’s into perspective for him by packing up mine and my daughter’s stuff and leaving. They’re gonna pick up on him treating the boy different from them and that’s not right. You’re doing everything a single parent does anyway so you may as well just do it single. Hell with him. If he truly loves you he will come to his senses and see that he’s being an ass, and if he doesn’t then there’s no use in prolonging the inevitable.