How can I get my breastfed baby on the bottle?

My bubs four months old and breastfed, any tips on getting her on a bottle? I’ve tried multiple times, and she doesn’t want any of it, I tried pumping and a couple different formulas/bottles too! don’t get me wrong I love also breastfeed, but it’s exhausting and could really do with some help

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Have someone else give her a bottle. She might not take it from you.

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My children won’t take a bottle ever,even when I was working,so they went straight to a sippy cup,from the breast,but I breast feed for at least a 1to 2 years

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The only bottle my son would take is tommee tippee also have someone else feed baby and you leave the room. She can smell your breast milk and would rather get it straight from the source if you’re near by.


Agreed. Baby may not take it from you at first. You may even have to be out of the room.

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Don’t wait until she’s starving. Have someone else give it to her and leave the room

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I don’t have a hopeful story because the only time my son took a bottle was after his cleft lip repair when he was 3 months old and he only took that one bottle right after the surgery all children are different though…

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try the lansinoh bottle, i excusively breast fed and my daughter wouldnt take a bottle at all, another mom told me about the bottle so i tried it and the rest was history lol good luck mama

My youngest refused a bottle. I had to work, I pumped, tried formularies all different bottles and nipples. Nothing worked for her and this was at daycare, so I was nowhere around. The provider would constantly try to feed her but she would refuse and just wait until I came to pick her up. I worked 5 hour days at the time so I would nurse her before I left the daycare and nurse her as soon as I got to the daycare.

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Try the MAM bottles they might be helpful, that’s what my doctor suggested when I quit at 5 weeks

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I used Dr Browns wide neck bottles with breastmilk to start. Only formula I can get my baby to take is the ready to feed. But I also gave her the bottle to try with breastmilk at maybe a week old because I knew it would be harder later on, and just randomly once a week I would give her the bottle so I knew she would use it when I went back to work.

I breastfeed mine and I tried for a few weeks to get her to take the bottle. I just kept offering it every day multiple times. At first she would just play with the nipple but not drink. She still doesn’t take it as well as she nurses but she drinks it well enough when she’s hungry.

Mine would only take a bottle when I wasn’t around and usually better for my dad and husband than for my mom. If boob was around she didn’t want th edd bottle

Have to find the right bottle. My son would only use certain bottle.

I’ve heard of mamas using a nipple shield the get baby used to the feel then trying a bottle!

Try to find a bottle that matches your nipple. Weather your nipple is big or small there is a bottle out there that will match it. My baby only took one that matched mine. We tried a bunch of different bottles and she would only take one kind

Oh yeah try a nipple shield

Try the plain old playtime bottles with the flat nipples they always worked great for mine and the lactation nurse said they were closest thing to a mother’s nipple

Try different types of bottles or types of nipples, also the nipple flow of the bottle, try and make it as close to body temp as well.

Let dad or grandma feed baby! :smile: my son took MAM bottles well, they are just kind of awkward for baby to hold.