How can I get my breastfed baby to take a bottle?

My exclusively breastfed baby will not use the bottle at all. I have to return to work soon, so he will need to use a bottle a few days a week while I’m at work, and he will not do it. I have tried every bottle I can think of. Please help! My son is one month old.


Have you tried the Nuk bottle?

I tried nuk simply natural bottles and they worked wonders

The munchkin latch bottles were a hit with my little guy

Have you tried massaging the nipple of the bottle while it’s in his mouth?

Haha sorry good luck, I tried to ween my son off to try and get him to use a bottle, didn’t work. I nursed him till he was 15 months old. You should have started him off on a bottle right away if you knew you had to go back to work.


Let someone else give it him, while you are out. My son wouldn’t take a bottle if I was home

My daughter was the same way. She wouldn’t take a bottle at all. I would wake her up every 2 hours to eat and let her 8 hour “over night stretch” be while I was at work. Definitely not ideal but the only way we survived. Once she was 6 months old she would drink water and breast milk from a cup.

My daughter was the same way and the nipple that finally got her eat from a bottle was the ones that come with the sample bottles of formula! I believe you can get them off of

We used the nuk bottles and now that he’s older the nuk sippys as well. But I did breast/bottle from the time he was a few days old. I’d pump and give it to him that way sometimes to get him used to it.

Dont loose hope mommy… babies do need to practice a habit first before they can be used to it…

Buy every kind of nipple you can find, it’s a matter of finding the right one.

Leave your baby with someone else… they will eat when they are hungry. He wont take a bottle from you, because he can smell you.

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You don’t haha.
Both my kids refused a bottle, tried every kind and they preferred milk straight from the tap :woman_shrugging:t2:

Can you have someone else do it for you? Like leave during mealtime and have someone else give the bottle? My daughter would not drink a bottle from me at first. She would push the bottle away and pull my shirt. But I noticed if I left her with my sister and went tot ue storenor something she would drink a bottle just fine if offered by my sister when I’m not there.

Maybe get a rubber lifelike boob like in the movie, meet the fockers. And attach a bottle to it, baby wont know the difference.


Try bottles that resemble breast. Tummy bottle have them if I’m not mistaken

I tried every bottle around with my youngest but she would not take one EVER! It got so when I worked a long day I would feed her before I left, hubby brought her to me at lunch, fed her as soon as I got home and at night.

Introduce the bottle, while your boobs there, that’s how I got mine to take it, I had him latched on for like five seconds and super quickly switch to the bottle, he never knew

The problem is you have what he wants. You need baby daddy, new baby sitter some one else to feed him with the bottle . I had to ween for medical reasons and my son would not take the bottle from me. After taking the bottle from daddy a few times he took it from me.