How can I get my breastfed baby to take a bottle?

I’m a breastfeeding mama of an eight-month-old who currently has three teeth and has another one coming in. She has started biting my nipple, and it is making my nipples very raw and sore. I also pump and have a supply of milk built up, but my baby absolutely refuses to drink from a bottle. We’ve used cups, but she doesn’t drink nearly as much as she needs to. I plan on continuing breastfeeding until she is two years old, but I’m at a loss on what to do. If anyone has any suggestions on maybe how to get her to latch onto a bottle or possibly another alternative that would ensure she gets the milk she needs, I would really appreciate it. I just don’t know what to do at this point. Thank you!

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Try different teets hun

I tried 3 teets then my girl likes it

Also try rubbing your breast milk on the teet it might help

Hate to say it but some babies just won’t. My girls never took a bottle no matter what nipple or bottle or if i soaked it in my breast milk. I had to wait until they started cups

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When she bites hold her nose and say “no biting” very firmly. It worked for my 5 kids

You could try a nipple shield… My baby was exclusively breastfed. Wouldn’t take a bottle and I couldn’t use the shield. She did however love drinking water out of a medicine dropper.

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Both my babors preferred suppy cups. Went straight to sippy cups at like 6 and the other 9 months. The kind that especially worked is the sippy cup trainer. The sippy cup with the soft rubber spout. And besides that, it had to be someone else goving the bottle/cup. They never took from me well. But when i went to work, they took it just fine.

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Some breast fed babies never take a bottle Flick he when she bites and stop nursing tell her no sternly.

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I was told by a lactation counselor that if the baby bites you while nursing, you stop, put the baby down and put the boob away. And to do it every time they bite you. This will show them they don’t get to nurse if they bite you.
As for a bottle, try having someone else give her the bottle (like dad) when you are out of the house. Some babies won’t take a bottle if they know you are near by

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Get several different bottles to try. Some babies prefer certain ones. Persistence and consistency are key. Just keep trying and baby will get use to it with time.

My daughter was like this. She would REFUSE a bottle. I started heating up her formula bottles and now she’s open to taking the bottles. She drank over 10 ounces of formula today & I’ve been trying for months

Nanobebe bottles have worked greatly with mine. Also shaped like a boob and they held it right away on their own.

Biting started with my son but I would stop nursing immediately and say “you bit me, we’re done” and he would cry but it didnt take him long to understand not to bite anymore. Dont give up! Im very glad we were able to continue for health and bonding reasons. Babies Cant bite while they nurse because their tongue goes over their bottom teeth while they nurse. Its false info that you have to wean once they start biting. You just stop nursing once they are done feeding. If they get bored they might bite.

The few times my daughter did it i accidentally yelled and it scared her to the point it made her cry so needless to say she didn’t do it anymore :joy: but yes I agree with the other moms postings about stopping feedings

When my kids bit I screamed ouch loud and sharp and took the boob away, for a few minutes, they learned not to bite. Also for bottle feeding there are bottle nipples that are much like the natural one, if you offer it first before the breast, or have dad offer the bottle they will learn to accept it.

Try a sippy cup, my babies went from nip to cup!
GOOD luck

My daughter would not take a bottle either, we had a small fortune in bottles but the Mam bottle worked finally! Good luck Momma❤️

Ok I don’t know how to really explain this but I’m gonna try… when it’s time to feed her take the bottle and put it up to your boob it’s kinda like making it look like your gonna give her the boob but its actually the bottle.

Or you can try a little sugar water on the bottle nipple.

Have u tried mam bottles?