How can I get my child ADHD tested?

How do you even get you’re five years old texted for ADHD, I need help! The school has problems, the church has asked for us not to bring her back, come on someone help!


Take him to a psychiatrist that specializes in children they will give him an evaluation meaning they will ask him questions expecting him to answer the question they will look at his behavior and his attention span and determined off the questions that they’re asking him whether or not something is wrong with it


Start with ped…they can dx or send for multi testing

I’d start with a pediatrician, maybe keep a journal of why you want your child tested, keep track of behavior, I don’t know if you want your kid on all different pills, maybe make a plan of what you’d like and do a lot of research. And for a church to tell you not to come back? Aren’t they suppose to support all and welcome everyone?!


Either take him to his pediatrician or a childrens psychiatrist. They will have him tested. From there they will decide what would work for him.

Religion is so fake. In more than one way.


Check e numbers in his food check what he drinks also no fizzy drinks x

Talk to your pediatrician and tell him about your concerns

Most insurances require a referral from a pedia. As someone who does ADHD testing, pedias use a brief measure to diagnose ADHD that is not always accurate. What looks like ADHD may be something else. Its worth the time to see a psychologist or psychiatrist that does actual testing and will also give you a detailed report with recommendations to assist you and your child with whatever difficulties need worked on.

Start with your pediatrician.

Talk to your pediatrician for a referral.

Tell your pediatrician that the school has asked you to have the child tested. Some states won’t do it until they are 7 years old, but there are some that will do it before then. Once they’ve been diagnosed you can start medication, and it DOES WONDERS

before putting on meds change diet and look of the food that mess with children of adhd or add also your dr should be able to point you in the right direction.


Start with the pediatrician. We started around 4/5 years old… But our insurance wouldn’t cover meds until child was 7 years old.

Start with talking to your pediatrician and switch churches

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Try your pediatrician. They will do some tests or refer you to someone

It breaks my heart that a church would treat you that e

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A developmental pediatrician that specializes in behavioral health should be able to assist you.

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Ask the school to test him … that’s how they did it for my oldest grandson

Just keep an open mind with all these opinions, it may not be adhd, maybe you just have a kid who has a lot of energy. As someone who used to be diagnosed with adhd, I highly recommend adding your child to any sports available.