How can I get my child on a better sleep schedule?

How many naps do you give him? With my 2 year old I have to completely skip naps to get him to sleep from 9p-10a and and my 1 year old has to take 2 naps but she’ll sleep 8p-8a, or depending what time she sleeps.
But I would say cut a nap out give only one. If that doesn’t work cut it out completely.

Since he is 6 months try feeding him cereal around 6:30/7 then making a bottle an around 8 and laying him down … dont let him take a longer nap towards evening time … it might take a week or so it get into the routine but at 3 month I changed my daughter’s routine and I’ve stuck to it … you have to be consistent with a routine with babies… my daughter is 8 months now and she has had the same routine for 5 months only thing that has changed is I feed her baby cereal/baby food 3x a day for the last 2 months and she sleeps from 8pm-6:30am … i hope this helps i know not all babies are the same … and praying it gets easier for you and you can get some sleep

Lay him down beside you around 7 and rub his back to help him relax and know that its time for bed. My daughter was the same way. This was one of the best things i ever did with her. Now when shes tired she goes and lays down on her own at 18 months