How can I get my child to poop on the potty?

can you ask lol and its probably already been asked I have three kids my first two were super easy to potty train but dog went it if my five-year-old is giving me a run for my money!! he pees on the potty just fine… but pooping is a whole another issue… how do I get him to poop consistently on the potty iv tried treats snacks dollar store treats fun days pooping party! (outside the bathroom obviously lol) he just sometimes says hey I got to poop but most of the time he sits behind the couch or under a table or in his room and craps his pants


Start punishing him for it. Make him clean himself off. Maybe if he sees how nasty it is compared to just using the toliet, he will get it.
And before you go jumping me, I have known someone who personally went threw this with a autistic child, and that’s what her doctor recommended her to do, and it did work. It wasn’t easy, not helping him to clean it up, (time wise, it’s faster for us to do) but, after a couple of days, he stopped shitting himself.


Swat that bare buttocks once each time n have them at that age cleaning their crap up off themselves !!


Maybe he feels like he’s going to fall in. A step stool in front of the toilet helped my daughter feel more secure. Also check with his pediatrician to make sure he isn’t constipated. I wouldn’t punish him. Positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Sounds like hes doing it for control. Punishing him will make it worse. He needs counseling obviously hes feeling he has no control in his life. Make him clean it though.

Omg :scream: I can’t believe the feedback. I had 1 that did this. He’s now a grown man and doesn’t poop his pants. They are all different. No need to whack them

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Potty training my older son, now 11, at age 3 was a breeze. Started and ended in a month, one incident of bed wetting and then smooth sailing. Now my almost 4 year old son will pee in his potty only first thing in the morning. Then he wets his pants whole day. So pull ups are on. Then he will only poop in the potty if he is naked, which is directly after a shower, before he puts on clothing. Otherwise, poop only in the pull up diaper. I dont know how to get him to see the pull up only as a safety measure. And how to get him to want to use the potty more than a novelty.

As soon as you see him take off & hide or know the signs.Go get him & carry him to the bathroom & make him sit there.Make sure you are in there with him & everytime he gets off put him back on.It will get exhausting after awhile but stick with it.We had a rough time with our youngest son & we knew the signs & would hurry up grab him & take him in there,sit him on the potty & would stay in there with him.I even would close & lock the door. Everyone has their own ways.Spanking him will scare him & it might cause him to go or it might cause him not to.The one comment of having them wash their underwear in the toilet is another great idea.Had a few friends do that with their kids & they learned fast

Do not punish or swat him. Good Lord people. I went through this. He’s a child still, one day it will click. We used to just have times where we would have him sit on the potty to try. One day he got up, went to the toilet himself and that was it. He was fine every day going forward. And he is autistic.

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Mine does the same thing but he’s a bit older and I’m worried. He will hold his poop for days, no matter what we give him, fruit, miralax, water, making him sit on the toilet. Everything Dr has told us to do. I’m afraid he will never grow out of it, we make him clean up after himself but that doesn’t faze him. We’ve asked him if he’s scared, we have several night lights but it doesn’t matter day or night. We are so discouraged. Idk what else to do. Obviously he’s autistic, if you are suggesting spankings or punishment, don’t bother commenting

Buy him some underwear of his favorite character. Tell him don’t poop on whatever character it is. Set him on potty often. It worked for my son.

mine would make faces when she pooped so we always ran straight to the potty any time it happened. whether i was in the middle of something else or not… we RAN. then we made a game of it who could get to the potty first. when the novelty of the game wore off… she didnt like wearing a poopy diaper. so i learned that if i didnt change her immediate… let her stay in it for 10 minutes or so until i was done what i was doing, and then i would change her. she eventually got to the point she didnt want to poo in the diaper anymore.

Spank his butt for starters. Then make him start cleaning it up. Could also make it fun and face him backwards on the potty and give an expo marker to draw on the toilet lid since it erases when you notice having to poop indicators. But honestly at that age I’d whoop his butt and make him clean it up.

When he does go in the toilet celebrate every time

I am in shock with these comments.

id sit my grand daughter on tje toilet and sing silly poop songs to her

You take everything and anything away he likes until he poops. Schedule these poops every couple hours until he gets consistent. No TV, no computer, no yummy treats, no toys until he poops first. No exceptions.

Make him clean himself AND his underwear.

Well I had that problem with my grandson he would hide by the I warned him one more time I would do something he wouldn’t like I got permission from his parents so he did it again I took him outside took his pants off and blasted his butt with the hose water and he never did it again

Oh my…you youngsters!! I am 72 with 2 adult children…one male, now 48 and one female now 45. I potty trained them both! Their Dad was little to no help here. Contrary to all wives tales, the boy was a breeze!! I stood him on phone books facing the toilet when it was pee time and sat him when it was poop time! Now the girl was easy on the pee thing, but the first time she pooped in the toilet, she screamed and cried!!! She was terrified of it!!! I chalked it up to “separation anxiety”!!! So I had to handle her differently. She would go hide somewhere in the house when she had to poop!! She just refused to use the toilet!!! Even my Mom, the pro in child rearing, was also having a hard time with her with this action!!! Anyway, we finally got her trained, but it took a lot of understanding and love and comfort to get her to not be afraid of it!! I still think it was separation anxiety…so do not scold your child, do not show your anger or your anxiety. Just show them love and understanding and before you know it, that baby of yours will learn what is expected of them!!! And my grandson’s potty trained easily. But don’t start too early… they have to be able to understand the feeling!!! Good luck y’all!!!:two_hearts::pray:t3::chile: