How can I get my child to stop grinding her teeth?

Hey you all, was wondering if y’all have any ideas and tips for me getting my 4 year old to stop grinding her teeth in her sleep? She’s got really straight teeth, all baby teeth still. But does a number on her teeth when she sleeps. She’s currently going through a stage where she’s sleeping with us and the teeth grinding wakes me up at night…


My youngest did this. Turned out he needed his tonsils removed.

I grind my teeth and i have zero control of it. Talk to the dentist to see if they can make some kind of night guard to protect her teeth

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44 here, and I grind my teeth. There is no way I can control it at all.

Have a night guard made from the dentist unfortunately there is nothing much you can do to stop it unless you can find out why they do it

Night guards from a dentist.

Our pediatric dentist said not to worry too much about it just yet until he gets some adult teeth in and that he will most likely grow out of it.


My oldest had to get a custom fitted mouth guard and had caps on his back teeth to protect them he would eventually wear holes in them and they’d pop off we would have to go have them replaced. Now that he’s 10 has most his adult teeth it’s not so bad.

Ok I know alot of people will say not to do this but use a pacifier my younger brother grinded his teeth bad when he was younger he used a pacifier at night to help stop him now we did go thru quite a few of them but it helped him out alot

I’m 38 and still do it. 99% of the time I don’t even know i am doing it awake or asleep until it hurts.

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It’s a phase usually at this age. Our pedi dentist also said not to worry about it at this age. There growing !

Maybe try these? They’re actually teethers but they could work as a mouth guard for now

Night guard my daughter grinded her teeth straight and started getting a dented like. Use the night guard i wish i had.

I wish I had good advice for you on this BUT I have been one of those people who grind their teeth 24/7, even during waking hours, for at least 20 years. It drives people around me nuts but my teeth aren’t in bad shape at all (so far, and I’m 30 years old) so don’t stress too much.

My son did that the dentist said he would keep an eye on it but that once their adult teeth start to come in than more often than not they stop … this was true in our case

I would suggest pediatric dentist consult. If your daughter is also suffering from jaw issues or tension headaches it could a a byproduct of the grinding. Just depends on how severe it is. Teeth grinding and clenching can cause other issues and a professional should determine if a night guard is needed.

i would talk to her dentist, but i wouldnt worry to much until her adult teeth come in, im almost 30 and grind my teeth so bad, i dont even know im doing it until someone points it out to me. but also, my teeth are fine.

You need to talk with a dentist. Its really something that is just a thing some people do. But they will give her a mouth guard for nighttime.

Talk to her dentist. I had to with my oldest at that age. She wasn’t concerned but seeing as your daughter is doing it in her sleep and is therefore unconscious of the fact that she is even doing it there is little you can do aside from maybe finding a mouth guard.

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Check her for pinworms. My friend asked the doctor about him grinding his teeth and it was due to pinworms, they don’t quite know how to scratch or voice this issue and they grind their teeth due to intense itching.