How can I get my child to stop grinding her teeth?

Ya take her to the dentist. #NightGuard

I’m going through this now. My daughter is 3 I told the dentist it’s bad it wakes me up since she sleeps in bed with me and she said I should wait a little longer and see if she grows out of it. I hope she does or we can get a mouth guard for her! I feel your pain!

My parents would take me to the dentist and get him to level my bite. That would help for a while. I’m 55 and still grind. Be patient with her, momma. She can’t help it.

My sons dentist suggested no sugar after dinner at that age for that reason, and it helped a lot…

A mouth guard. Both of my girls grind. My twin girl grinds so hard shes actually broken teeth

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If anyone has any idea how to stop an almost 2 year old from doing while awake, I’m all ears!! I can’t stand it. Makes me wanna throw up :face_vomiting:

You need to take her to a dentist. Some people just do this and others don’t.

My daughter did the same thing! I took her to the dentist and they actually found a small cavity. They fixed it and the grinding suddenly stopped!

I am a dental assistant. Most children grind their teeth. It is normal. Some are worse than others But she will outgrow it. It should not be a concern unless it continues when she has her permanent teeth.

I’m 46 and still grind my teeth. You can get a mouth guard, but make sure it’s a good one.