How can I get my child to stop throwing tantrums and refusing to sleep?

How can I control my child’s tantrums and refusal to sleep? My two year old, almost three years old, is refusing to sleep and throws horrible tantrums—every night and nap time I put her down at the same time. When I put her down for nap time, I usually rock her until she is asleep, then put her in her crib, and I get her comfy so she can stay asleep. When I put her down, she freaks out and starts screaming. She will start kicking her crib and yelling. At night it’s the same thing. I will stay in the room with her. I have tried rocking her for hours, laying in the crib with her, I have tried night light, no night light, I have tried white noise, I have tried a fan, and I feel like nothing is helping. I’m at a complete loss. I’m a first-time mom, and I don’t know what else to do. P.s nap times still happen because when she gets sleepy, she lays in the middle of the floor and doesn’t want to play anymore. When she doesn’t nap, her attitude is even worse, and it feels like every 20 minutes, there is a meltdown.


Let them cry! The more you give in the more they’ll refuse


Guna have to let her cry it out. It sucks it sucks bad but sometimes there’s not a lot else you can do. Going through it too


Fresh diaper, 10 mins if cuddles, explain that she is a big girl now and can sleep by herself. Then leave the room and let her cry.


Cosleeping then moving her? I did that with my son. Then when he turned d4.we got.him a.big.boy bed like mommy’s so now he loves it

Maybe not have a nap during the day anymore? My almost 3 yr old doesn’t nap anymore an goes right to sleep at night.

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My daughter just turned three and doesnt nap anymore, if she does she will try to stay up really late

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No more naps … my almost 2 year old does the same thing at night if he naps during the day and will be up for like 3 hours passed bedtime

Work on being patient

I tried this and its working!

Answer to every tantrum water(not my advice but recently tried it and it works.)

This may sound crazy but what about a tv in the room? My daughter is 2 & falling asleep with the tv on has helped her so much. Just put a sleep timer on there & she lays & relaxes until she falls asleep. Sometimes it takes longer than others but even after the tv goes off she will drift right to sleep.

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Just sharing my thoughts maybe she needs to get on a schedule my son turned 2 this month we wake up at 8 we play hard i keep him busy hes just started skipping naps and going to bed at 8 a little screaming and a bit of a fighting when hes over tired but i would say get her in a schedule and have planned activities thur out the day to make them tired then dinner bath time and hes usually asking for bed time good luck!!

She could be used to your warmth and when you lay her down she’s cold. My oldest was like that.

My son did this when he was about 2 and a half. I switched him to a toddler bed and it got a little better. Most nights he fell asleep on the floor and then I would move him to his bed.

Ditch the nap. Try adding some epsom salt to her bath

Let her cry it out. It is worse for mommy then babies. When my babies would cry, and I knew they were taken care of and just tired, I would take a shower. Then I’m not listening to them and are able to relax. Once I would get out of the shower, they would be sleeping.


When we switched our son over to his own room he did this too. We went out and let him pick a new bed set, fun pillows and a new stuffy. It helped, but dont feel bad letting her cry it out either. My mil told me as long as they are fed, clean and dry you can let them cry and check every 20 mins. I would just sit outside his door (a lot harder on the mama then the babes)


Put her in the crib and leave the room, she’ll cry and freak out but trust me she’ll fall asleep eventually. You rocking her at almost 3y/o is one of the dumbest things you could put yourself through. She’s showing you that she’s too dependant on you and you need to give her space to do simple things like go to sleep on her own.


I would skip the naps and do an earlier bed time. My youngest stopped naps at about 2.

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