How can I get my daughter to adjust to her new schedule?

Hello! I wondered if you mamas would be able to give me some advice on helping my daughter adjust to her mew schedule. I have a 2-year-old who loves her sleep. She will sleep from 8 pm to 9am a lot of the time but always refuses naps. We’ve suddenly come into a schedule change where she gets dropped off at my aunts house at 6:45am. She’s been going to bed about 7pm on the two nights that preceded her being dropped off there. She goes Monday and Friday mornings from 6:45-9:15am. My struggle is that she HATES being woken up and screams and cries at home to the point that she starts gagging and almost vomiting. I let her sleep until the last possible second (6:25am). She eats and does her morning routine at my aunts, all I do it change her, get her bag together and go. What are some things I can do to make this easier for her? Please help, I want this to be a positive change because it is going to be long term.

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Any way your aunt can come to you maybe with some sort of compensation?

Try giving her a snack when she wakes up? Every time I wake my son up he asks for his vitamin gummy, which I always have in my hand. As soon as he has his gummy, he is ready to start the day :slight_smile:

My 3 yr old is the same way… I go in there saying good morning in a soft voice, sit with her and slowly wake up. It’s tough I tell you but you gotta just keep on it

Pack her clothes, food, etc and bathe her the night before so all you have to do in the morning is get her in the car without waking her up to drop her off at your aunts house.


I just wouldn’t wake her up.

For one keep her in her pj’s and keep her mostly asleep. Talk quietly and patiently and tell her this is your guys new schedule and it’s hard on both of you but ‘WE’LL’ get use to it. Which you will, time and patience.

Get the bag and everything packed prior to waking her. My daughter hates me waking her as well. I usually wait until last second to dress her while she is still half asleep and carry her to the car. She usually likes to watch the iPad for an hour or so in the morning before she wakes up.

Get everything ready and in the car…dont wake her, just put her in the car and go.

At 2, I would just put my daughter in the car asleep.


Our kids go to daycare in their PJs we don’t bother trying to struggle to change them. Our 3 yr old son HATES clothes and LOVES sleep hes not a morning person but he’s in the routine everyday so I think thats easier. You’re trying for 2 different schedules that is going to make it impossible for her thats not a routine. With him we try to wake him up nicely I like to carry him to the chair and snuggle him awake. Our 2 yr old and 10 month old aren’t as bad but mornings here is a longgg process of 3 little kids

I leave for work early morning. 2 yr old she stays with gma while I work. I change her diapers, (she wakes up) leave her in pj and put in car. Lately though she has been crying too. I give her a snack in car and off we go

Put her down at 6:30 or 7. She will be getting her 12hrs that way

It just takes time unfortunately right now my 20mth old is adjusting to dad working nights and its tough because she doesnt want to go to bed because she didn’t get daddy cuddles its been 2 weeks and she is still adjusting but its tough on mommy

Stick with it. New schedule changes are terrible but eventually they get used to them. Just like we do… an internal clock of you will… and she will start adjusting and not be so upset at the wake ups. But eventually she will have to wake up early for school so good to begin that transition a little earlier. I hate schedule changes since my little is a pretty regular sleeper but sometimes it’s necessary. Good luck!

Try changing her around 3 or 4 so she can fall back asleep or stay sleeping while you change her…then have the car packed and ready and the last thing you get is her. Mabye shell eother stay sleeping or fall back asleep then when you drop her she can stay sleeping…you can lay her somehwere at her aunts until she wakes up???:woman_shrugging:t3:

Don’t wake her. Put her in asleep and aunt can change her later

Time. Give the new schedule more time.

Just keep sticking to it. She will get use to it in time. Kids thrive on routine.

Flip flopping is probably whats messing her up the most. You can’t only put her to bed at that time two days a week then switch her back the other days. Which means yes you have to get up early with her every day even though you don’t have to take her anywhere that early.