How can I get my daughter to move out?

My oldest is 18, has graduated from high school, will be 19 in October. Fights all the time with her siblings, it’s time for her to move out. Unfortunately, her job isn’t great. I an unsure whether she is being mature enough to live on her own,bit living here is too hard on the rest of us How can I get her to move out?

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Evict her easy enough


Send her to college you will also be helping her future

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Give her a deadline to save up money or find a better job and to move out


Have her start off paying you ‘rent’… put that money towards a security deposit for an apartment or a room. Help the transition from your house to her own if things are getting toxic there

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Start charging “rent” Until she finds a place. When she does, either give her as a house warming gift or keep it in a special fund to send her in small amounts when she needs help with rent, water etc. Ill be doing this to mine when she turns 18 and has graduated. Depending on her responsibility when she moves out depends on if she gets it as one lump sum or not

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Tell her to find a roommate and a 2nd job and get out


Charge her rent and electric and make her buy her own food and she has to do her own laundry.


Military will fix that ass.

Disgusting! Wtf is wrong with you
There are a lot of other things you can do to help your child than to just toss her out !


Wow. Mother of the year here. :clap:t2: I hope she does move out and never speaks to you again. I wouldn’t if my mother thought about me like this. It’s disgusting that you’re putting everybody else first. Unless she poses a physical threat to the other members of the household, she shouldn’t if she can’t afford it. Siblings fight, that’s what they do. Maybe try, oh I don’t know, being a parent and talking to not just her to find out what the problems are, but also to the other kids and find out why they constantly engage with her? Find out if they’re starting shit because they’re equally part of the problem. It takes two to fight :woman_shrugging:t2:

So knowing your daughter has a job that won’t support her you want to force her into a bad situation because you didn’t teach how to treat her family with respect?

Help her apply to college, talk to her, help her learn to save up, all better options. Be a parent.


Why kick out a child? I never understood that, how about work with her and find out what’s really going on. Kicking children out because they’re “18” is the fastest way to send them into a hard life of trouble. Be supportive and find a solution that actually helps the problem not just sends it away.


Help her. Find her an apartment that she can easily afford… then pay for first months rent plus the deposit… and help her get stuff for it, get her a calendar and date book right down all her bills in it, if she gets paid weekly or bi weekly show her how to pay for the bills, and help her pick out days for shopping and laundry.


I was kicked out :woman_shrugging:


Wow… That’s all I can say. We brought these kids in the world if their not ready and not mature enough then it’s our fault. It’s our job to form and make them into good human beings. I will say I will never kick my daughter out no matter how hard life is for everyone else God knows she didn’t ask to be created! Our job isn’t over just because they are 18!


Or you could just be a parent.


I agree with everyone, start charging her, at some point you have to cut her off…

So child acts out and you want to kick her out. So there is no hope for the child you raised? Says a lot about you as a parent not her as a child.


That’s crazy :expressionless: you just said she couldn’t afford it & she’s still a damn kid. Smh I don’t get some of you parents.