How can I get my daughter to sleep in her own bed?

Hey all! Who has tips for getting my little princess to sleep in her OWN big girl bed? I’ve tried sleeping with her, but the minute she wakes up, she gets up and looks for me. Any/all suggestions welcome!!


Play classical instrument music

We take her back to her bed sometimes it’s multiple times other times she just wanders in our room once. It’s tough when we have to do it multiple times but we let her sleep with us when she out grew her crib so I don’t hold it against her. A gate doesn’t fit in her doorway (she has a super narrow door) and I refuse to shut her door. She’s 3

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Night light or Christmas lights in room, lots of blankets, stuffed animals. She kinda has to feel like her bed is a safe space too just like you’re her safe place.

Ha! Good luck with that! My daughter’s 14 and guess what I wake up to?! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Choose something that she enjoys doing or certain things that she likes, and use them as a reward. Tell her when you lay down with her, if she’s a good girl and sleeps all night in her bed, that is what she will receive if she sleeps in her own big girl bed. I used this technique when I potty trained my two girls, who are 11 months and nine days apart, so I trained them both at the same time. They also got potty trained while we were on vacation. It only took me 3 days, it’s because they wanted to wear big girl panties so I told them if they started using the potty, I would take the diapers and we would go to the store and I would let them pick out their new big girl panties.

My son is 5 still in my bed ,

i know ppl will howl me down but my kids used to sneak into my bed and i never even felt them i didnt mind as i was by myself inact i lked it they r only small for so lonh


Make her without feeling bad. U wont regret it

Try buying her a bedset of her favorite thing…like her favorite movie or character. Try and make her bed or her room like her little sanctuary so she would love it and want to sleep there.

I have this issue with my 4 year old. I moved her bed to my room, that way shes in her bed but still near me. Eventually we will move her bed back to her room when shes ready

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Following. Mine is 3 and still sleeps with me.

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Redecorating, stuffed animals, fancy (but dim) lights.
Its good she can come get you. Once my son understood where we were it was easier. I had to get my husband to do it but he was also ready. We could tell. We just left him alone and checked on him Every few minutes. Sometimes id rub his back or sing, sometimes we’d just peak in. Eventually we didn’t have to check on him.

Following. My 5 almost 6 yr old son refuses to sleep in his own bed… Its driving me insane.

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it would probably be best to sleep with her while she gets used to the new environment. if she’s in a new room she needs to adjust to that, and even if she’s not, a new bed all by herself is a lot to get used to all at once. it also might help to get her a special stuffed toy and encourage her to love on it when she misses you. she will “feel” your love and presence through it and you can start slowly replacing yourself with the toy for comfort at night. good luck!

Same boat here :raising_hand_woman:t2: Following

I did basically what super nanny suggests…put them to sleep in their own bed. If they come out looking for you put them back in their bed, the first couple times say, no it’s time to go to bed in your bed and I love you. After that, do not communicate just keep taking them back to their bed. Same goes if they get up in the middle of the night and come to your bed, as soon as you know they are there take them back to their bed. After a couple days they will just stay in their bed once they know your not budging. I think it took 4 days with my son and he’s had no issues since.


Get her/him there favorite stuffed animal to sleep with, put there favorite printed bedding sheets/comforter/blanket on bed. Maybe try a nightlight. Mom maybe you could lay with him/her until they are sound asleep then you can sneak out. Good luck mom!

We put Christmas lights up around their beds as night lights, idk why that made a huge difference but it did, now I’ll only wake to one of them in my bed once a week tho I don’t mind the morning cuddles with them so it’s not like we did hard training on it or anything

Put them down in their own bed. If they get up put them back to bed. It might take a few days and you will be tired but be consistent. It will be worth it in the end. I never did lay down with her either. She always went down awake from about a year old

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