How can I get my daughter to sleep in her own room without feeling left out?

I have a five-year-old daughter; her dad and I separated when she was nine months old; she has been sleeping in my bed since then. I recently have a boyfriend, and i will be moving in with him next month; my concern is I don’t want her to feel left out cause she will have her own room now, plus she is a bit jealous of him, how can I do it for her to sleep on her own?


Stay in her room with her until she falls asleep. That will give her that little special extra mom and me time.


Put her in her own room and go buy here a few new things to make it her own. New bedding stuffed animal some pictures for the wall…

Stay with her until she fall asleep… have her help her decorate it


Do it now before you move


Put some photos of yall up in her new room! Have her pick our some stuff for it. Maybe a nightlight

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I used to always sneak into my moms room at times. Was surprised a time or two someone else was there. I would grab my blanket and lay on the floor. May be make her a small safe place on the floor (like a bean bag chair) until she feels comfortable being on her own completely.

Why is the Child jealous of the boyfriend? And why not fix that issue before you move in with him?


If your doing change . Then make sure her room is your first priority moving forward. In my eyes I would say she is not ready for such a drastic change . I’d start now if that’s what’s best .

I agree… do it now before you move because you don’t want the adjustment of moving along with adjustment of having to sleep in her own room all at the same time. It could cause her to act out if she is feeling too much all at once

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Make it exciting! Have her help you decorate her big girl room! Lots of night lights so she doesn’t get scared and maybe a sound machine. A tv if you’re ok with that. My son is almost five and he slept with me forever. We now make him a bed on the floor because he wakes up every night to come in the room. He is allowed to come in the room if he wakes up and go back to sleep there without waking us. It works really well. That might help in the beginning if she gets scared.

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Getting her special things for her big girl room so she will be a big girl and stay in her room is a great way to help her adjust.

Your daughter should come first and before anyone! Start the transition first and make her feel loved and as a priority she should be in your life. Then think about your relationship, he is a grown up as you so you both understand, she doesn’t


Make the idea of her having her own room such a big deal. Get REALLY excited for it, get her excited for it.


Recently went through this with my 5 year old daughter. Got her room to how she wanted it, and explained the situation to her before it happened. She felt left out at first, but I’m now doing a sticker chart for her for bedtime and worked really well, 2 weeks now she’s slept in her own bed all night and doesn’t wake me up either xx


I was in the same boat! My daughter was 4 when my boyfriend (not her bio father) & I moved in together.

It was hard at first but definitely would recommend staying in her room at bedtime until she falls asleep. She slowly started feeling more secure & started liking the independence from having her own room. I also made time for her during the day to play with her & every so often we’d go on mommy-daughter dates.


Try making this new room exciting, let her help pick out the comforter, lay with her until she falls asleep. At the end of the day though if she’s not comfortable I wouldn’t push it. Moving and a new boyfriend is going to be really tough for her to try and adapt to. She will sleep in her own bed eventually.

She needs her mama…I’d lay with her until she falls asleep and then you can sneak out. That’s what we do with our 2.5 year old son. He stills end up in bed with us though. We don’t mind.

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Involve her as much as possible: picking a bed, designing room ect, make it fun!

New bedroom, new bedtime routine. Emphasize that she’s 5 and a big kid now and you’re still close by. Grab a copy of Charlotte’s Webb and start reading her a chapter or 2 a night before bed in her room.