How can I get my ex and boyfriend to meet?

Be honest with them both, make the bf come with you to pick up/drop off/ visitations. Just make it happen ya know.

Why do you need them to meet? Seems odd.


Why?, unless children involved, would this be an issue?

Why do they have to meet?

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Is there a child involved?

Why do they need to?

Why should they meet?

Why would you want them to

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If he has no interest in meeting him, then a family occasion would be a good ice breaker… birthday party, thanksgiving, bbq, etc. It’s always easier with other people around, helps conversations start.

Arrange a blind date and run… :smirk:

What,leave the ex alone,he’s a ex.

None of his business

Only if children are involved.

Ummmm not at all lol

Give them both Viagra pill

Why do you want them to meet??


Dad should want to meet for principal,a nd the newby should respect whatever you choose; for the kids sake

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Why do they need to meet? What’s the purpose?

My question is why do you want them to meet?

Why would you want them to meet ???

Why should they meet? Unless kids are involved they don’t have to lol

Why would you want them to meet??

Do you have children involved… if not . He dont have to meet your new bf ??? No reason to have them be near eachother .

Unless you have kids then no reason for them to meet

Why would ypur ex have any interest in meeting a new guy ???

If you have kids I understand you need to introduce him bt if not I don’t see why your ex needs to know about your life :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

No mention of kids so why do they need to meet? Freaking weirdo

Unless there is a child involved…why would you want them to meet

Guys… this is a mom page. She’s probably introducing her bf to her kids father🤦🏼‍♀️

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That is up to your ex. Even with children sometimes he would still be the one to say if he wanted to or not. My husband and ex husband never met like a meet a greet. They know they’re both in my life as a father and husband to the only child I had with him. We co parent, he comes for birthdays but for them to actually talk like bros or humans it’s still hard.

If you have a child(ren) with your ex. Then it is a yes, reason why it is a yes for them to meet. Is for the child(rens) sake. Is your boyfriend in for the long haul? If so, I would suggest that it be a yes for them to meet. So you’re all on the same page to share responsibilities of given child(ren) and to co parent to the best of knowledge for what is right :white_check_mark:

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Why is it necessary for them to meet?


I think u have to leave it behind if u dont know what would be the consequences to follow if you wannna initiate such hilarious situation…

If u & your ex have a child together then yes you & your bf should establish a good relationship with your ex, your sons father. Otherwise what’s the need?

Why do they need to meet?

Why would they meet?

If your ex brings it up than set up a brief meeting but tbh. Don’t force it… happened with my husband’s ex and all it did was cause many issues. Of course… I can’t speak for everyone’s situation but my husband’s ex was doing it to be petty. Most people I’ve known that have done it… unfortunately… is out of pettiness.

Do you have children with this ex? Because that’s the only way I could see that they need to. But maybe that’s just me


For what? Move on already and just be happy with your new beau


Why do they need to? We don’t all need to be friends

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I’m assuming you have kids with your ex? Lol otherwise there is literally no reason for them to meet…if you have kids, then a simple “I’d like you guys to meet so you’re in the know of who is around your children” kind of thing.


If you have a child(ren) with your ex. Then it is a yes, reason why it is a yes for them to meet. Is for the child(rens) sake. Is your boyfriend in for the long haul? If so, I would suggest that it be a yes for them to meet. So you’re all on the same page to share responsibilities of given child(ren) and to co parent to the best of knowledge for what is right :white_check_mark:

why do they need to meet? even with kids it’s none of their business. but probably why I am divorced

If he hasn’t brought it up or asked then why push the issue? :woman_shrugging:

Why would you want them to meet lol

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Question, why would you want them to meet? Unless you had kids with them, than sure, they should meet but if there are no kids, Why?


No reason to unless you have kids

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If he’s not concerned then leave it alone. Sounds like you’re wanting to be petty and rub it in his face. And I’m sure that’s what he’s gonna think. If they wanna meet let them bring it up.


I had us to meet at McDonald’s playground because I didn’t introduce my kids to him until i had everyone together. It was my and my ex’s agreement. It wasn’t for permission but to put other at ease when the kids are not with you. Who is she. Or who is he. Is he nice? Drug addict. That kind of thing. Shrugs. Maybe try that so this way kids are being kept busy while parents can meet.

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Literally just have them meet.

why are you even talking to your ex desperation


Id just ask them both out to lunch or something or to the park or something

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I don’t think it’s necessary for them to meet, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t already know him.


Assuming the ex is the father of your child, if HE hasn’t asked to meet the dude, then all of this is unnecessary…unless YOU just want them to meet for some reason… which kind of escapes me…


Is he just an ex or you share a child. My partner hasn’t met any of my exs


do y’all have a child? why would the need to meet? why do you still talk to your ex and why does your ex have no knowledge of you dating someone if its a serious relationship?

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Wait until theyre.bith ready. Don’t push them into anything as it might no go well if they’re not ready

Is there a reason for them to meet? Like… is there a kid with the ex? If not, leave him alone… He doesn’t need to know your business with your current boyfriend. Go about your life.


Even if there is a kid, you shouldn’t make them meet. It’s almost like you’re seeking your ex’s approval

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I’m guessing you have a child together. Is there a reason for them to meet? If you’re wanting them to I would just ask if they want to get together. I know my ex has met my hubby - but they’ve never gotten together to talk or anything

Why would u want them to meet? No need. My current partner has a daughter. He has a relationship with his daughter and I don’t have to meet the Mom nor do I have to anything to do with her. In case of emergency we have our numbers. That’s it

They will meet one day don’t push. Sounds like to me that your ex trusts you or he would of meet him long time ago

Unless u and the ex have children together y does it matter if they meet??

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Why do you want them to meet?

Just ask them if they are ready to meet, I agree with everyone else I wouldn’t push it. I do think it’s important for them to meet for the first time without the child around though, but that’s just me and how I would do it. Everyone is different, it might not even be a big deal to them and maybe they haven’t even thought about it.

Depends on if there is a child involved. No child, no need. If there is a child, I would want to know who was around my child. I met everyone of my ex’s new “girlfriends”. All but one i was ok with being around my kids. The one I didn’t, she looked like he scraped her out of the bottom of a barrel of meth. Nasty. The day he decided to move her in was the day i drove 500 miles to go get my son. I walked in to her yelling at MY child about him calling me and telling me everything. I about beat the brakes off of her. It was all I could do to get my child gathered up and out the door. And my ex couldn’t stop me. I took my custody papers with me to go get my son.


Just introduce them casually. I introduced mine when we did a holiday for our son, and they are literally best friends now lol


What am I missing here ? Father God a wah this
Odesha Dinham Noel Cunningham

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…why would you need this to happen? Even with kids involved, if he doesn’t want to meet the boyfriend then don’t try to force it.


If your ex hasn’t indicated he has an interest, why would you push it? (Assuming there is a child involved)
I’d just let my ex know “hey we are serious and he obviously spends time with our child, if you’d like to meet, just let me know”… don’t over complicate something so simple.


I have a child and i still havent met his live in girlfriend of 5 yrs. I think hes thinks ill have something to say but all good vibes

It’s on a boy mom page and if she wants them to met I’m pretty sure their is a kid envolved


I bet they know each other

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Whats the point. Why would you do that. You moved on let him move on.

Unless there are children involved, your ex shouldn’t be a part of your life. Personal opinion


Save yourself the trouble and never let it happen

They don’t need to meet u ain’t his problem anymore


Why does it matter what your ex thinks… unless there are kids involved then what your ex thinks doesn’t matter one bit

Why are you even still talking to your ex

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I promise your ex or your boyfriend aren’t gonna be like “Hey I wanna meet him.” That’s gonna have to be something you set up. Men most likely won’t take that initiative.


Why? Unless there’s kids involved why would you want your partner to meet your ex? Makes no sense. Yes exes can remain friends but usually when that happens they refer to eachother as friends not exes. Sounds like you’re looking for drama


I think it’s a good idea tbh that they meet even if ex hasn’t asked they need to do it especially with kids involved

You after a 3 way? :joy::see_no_evil:


If he doesn’t want to, let it go. It’s not up to you at the end of the day. When your ex is ready let him brimg it up.
He also may trust your judgement as to who is involved with the child(ren).

What does that post even mean???


Your ex doesn’t need to meet your current unless you have kids together. :joy: And even then if he isn’t worried about it don’t force it. Kinda sounds like you want his approval.


Why would anyone want that?


Why do they need to meet.


The ex is the ex for a reason leave it be


Some of these comments :joy::woman_facepalming:t2:
They don’t HAVE to meet. It’s on your ex if he doesn’t wanna meet the guy who’s around his kid(s)

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I’m assuming there is kids( that’s the only scenario I see this making any type of sense) involved if that is the case totally appropriate. If not then none of his business even if you and the ex are good friends just my opinion long ago I had a girl friend want me to meet her ex I broke up with her nonchalantly it was blatantly clear she didn’t know what she wanted lol but then she came back months later and we are married 4 kids now lol

why should they meet

I’m assuming she has kids with the ex!? That’s the only reason I’d see it making sense but even if you have kids and he doesn’t want to meet your new bf that’s his loss not knowing who his kids are around! That’s his own stupidity! It’s not your burden you know who your kids are around! He should want the same but if he doesn’t it’s on him

Unless you have kids together there’s no need and maybe if you want them to meet and have kids, maybe do something simple all meet up at the park or something

Do you have kids together? If not why would you want them to meet. I’m going to assume you have kids and my best advice is to just have your boyfriend come with you to drop off and have him introduce himself to your ex thats what my fiance did with my ex husband

Well just two questions to you “why do you want them to meet?” And “what to you wish to achieve by them meeting?”

Unless you have children with your ex and you’re on very good coparenting terms, I would avoid that mess altogether.

I don’t understand, the question is strange because if you felt that you and the new guy are strong…I don’t think this question would be asked, if you knew your ex was a reasonable person this question would not be asked, I feel like you have a more deeper problem, if not then just have a conversation with the ex casually…because you don’t need his approval if the new guy is good for the kids and you…if the ex is a problem still have a conversation but a different type of conversation let him know you are serious and have moved on for real…if you not sure about the relationship then you know what to do…but go with your gut…you know the correct answer to this question just trust yourself and do the right thing…Remember you are amazing and can do all things through Christ…:wink:

:grin: The best ways are at outdoor functions. Bbqs, parks, mutual interests (if they share any- like kayaking or something). Be as forthcoming about who will be there and if one of them back out, communication is key.
Some of my ex’s became friends. I don’t see a problem with casual introductions either, but inviting everyone over for dinner can sometimes put unnecessary pressure.