How can I get my husband to clean up after himself?

My husband seriously does not EVER clean up after himself! He will leave trash all over the kitchen counter when the trash bin is right behind him. He leaves clothes everywhere and never puts them in the laundry hamper. He will leave his plates and utensils sit on the table after he eats and never takes them to the sink or put them in the dishwasher. If he makes dinner, he leaves all ingredients out, cabinets open, & dirty pots and pans sit on the stove. We have a toddler, and I’m 32 weeks pregnant, so it’s so frustrating that the energy I do have is to take care of his messes!!! I’m one person and can’t clean 24/7! I have tried to point out his messes, not yell at him because yelling doesn’t work, and ask did you forget to do something? He, in return, yells at me and asks, why didn’t you just take care of it for me!? How do I get it through his head I am his wife, not his maid, that he is a 32-year-old man and needs to clean up after himself???


Divorce. Thats super disrespectful on his part. I’d rather be alone.


Ask him how he supposed to help raise a child when he still hasn’t grown up? Or how are you supposed to raise 2 children?

Throw the whole man out.


I would kill him…lol…don’t clean it up anymore or tell him there will be consequences…lol…if ya know what I mean…lol


Stop cleaning after him. When he doesn’t have anything to wear or anything to eat off of them that’s his ptoblems


Tell him you may be his wife but you’re not his mommy and you are done picking up after him self. It’s time for him to be a big boy an clean up after him self and help you out.


Why would he clean up after himself when you do it for him?
Just stop picking up his shit.

Tell him you already have a child and another on the way, you don’t need a man child too. And, Don’t clean up after him or do anything for him at all (as much as itll suck to leave a mess sitting around), and ONLY do for you and your child. when he asks why, tell him its not your responsibility to be his maid.

Stop cleaning up after him

He’s not worth your time. He’s a grown man and should be doing his responsibilities.

If he keeps it up …throw everything on his side of the bed !!! Till HE LEARNS ! …sorry you have to sleep there too …its upsetting that he never learns …but the disrespect is what I could NOT handle


How long have u left him away with it that it seems to be ok :see_no_evil: id pack his bags im full of anxiety with the thought of cleaning after a fully grown man that iv children from!


Act like a toddler get treated like a toddler. Get a big bucket and put everything he leaves out in it. When he can’t find things he is missing he will have to dig thru his own trash. Hopefully he wakes up seeing your not his mother. If he is disrespectful and expects you to clean up after him…may need to throw him out.


But no seriously…I made the rule …if its not in the Hamper I’m not washing it


He got spoiled by his mom or he’s too lazy.

Hire a house keeper… sounds like he is just refusing to help. With the baby coming, your load will only get heavier.

How long are you going to accept his disrespect?


^^same. He will complain he has no socks, I’m like well put them in the fucking dirty basket. Lol if it’s not in the sink or dirty laundry, it ain’t getting washed. No doubt about it.
I also have my four year old son help out with little chores like that. Teaches him responsibility and to not take after his daddy lol

When you figure out the secret will you let me know