How can I get my husband to have a conversation with me?

Every summer my husband is usually asleep by 830. He’s up at 445am and home by 5pm. But between being home and falling asleep, he never ever engages in conversation. Any ideas to get him to talk? This way for 15 years now.


I just start talking as soon as hubby gets in the door. I also text him while he’s at work and if/when he’s not busy he’ll respond.

Add yourself to the routine so it becomes normal to talk to you. Also you should have a date night weekly that’s reserved for conversation and updates.


Give him a new chore and use it as a conversation starter lol


Email or text him at work and finish the convo at home.

Do you guys sit down for dinner as a family? Start chatting then… if he is working his butt off he is prob just to tired. Weekends? Need more info to give good advise.


Aww poor guy must be tired. I would voice your concern to him and see what he says. Do it nicely and have a convo. If it’s been that long it’s gonna take a while for him to adjust. Be patient :slight_smile:


Find a topic that he’s interested in to get a conversation started. I feel like I could work beside my husband at this point because I ask questions and get to know the details about what he does in the day. Sometimes you just need to jump start the talking. He may just in the routine of being silent.

Sometimes you can still love without being in love and that spark leaves…


My man does this too. Its a summer thing, especially if it is super hot out. It used to bother me a lot, and we had fights over it. He works hard, in this alabama heat, so I leave him alone. Lol :laughing:


I feel ya. My hubby is up at 330 and home at 430 and goes straight to outdoor chores. Hes exhausted when he comes in. Most of our conversations occur in the shower together. :slight_smile:

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The man is basically putting In 13 hour days .I dont know what you do for work or if you’re a stay at home mom or what. Maybe send him something at work to get him a notice like instead of coming home tonight I’ll meet you at our favorite restaurant the kids are at our parents for the night love and miss our conversations we used to have


I went through that for 6 years and it finally ended in divorce and I’m with someone now that actually wants to spend some quality time with me even when he’s had 20 hour work days… he’d come home and talk to me… get like 3 hours sleep and head back into work the next morning. 3 years later into our relationship and we’re still as close as ever. If you talk to him about it and he still doesn’t want to make an effort… then I’d say maybe it’s time to move on to someone else. No matter how tired someone is it’s no excuse to ignore your spouse all the time.


He’s just exhausted.
I give mine a backrub every night, and during that back rub, during which time he cannot be cranky, and we listen to music and gossip and joke around.
But, we meet in the evenings after long days, it’s an unspoken rule that we talk about our days.
You can’t really expect profound intellectual conversations about the universe out of someone whose just come off a 13 hour work day…


Well I would ask him if he wouldn’t mind spending more time together, tell him it’s really bothering you that you guys have no cuddle time and if he cares he’ll work on it if he doesn’t care he’ll blow it off.

I doubt he will change…Most guys have no use for small talk.Girls like small talk.Hes probably just tired and wants some peace .Fix his favorite supper and chat a bit and let the poor guy relax…You have to accept guy as he is


Uum, I make my man listen/talk to me. I don’t annoy him, but things happen throughout my day and I wanna tell my bestfriend. I usually talk to him during dinner or in between him playing Xbox. He’s not much of a talker, but I bring it out of him. I try and do this when he’s comfy and relaxed. We have to talk or else I feel distant. They aren’t earth shattering conversations, but any conversation brings u guys closer.

Guys don’t talk like girls. You don’t see a group of guys get together at a coffee shop to chat. Go into a bar guys will be sitting enjoying the peace or having mindless conversation. My husband tells me all the time it is possible for him to think about nothing where as I am constantly thinking about things I need to do


Why dont you say how you feel? If after that conversation you dont get the answers or whatever your looking for , if his reaction isnt really s bothered one I think its clear where the relationship stands?

I work the same shift as him…
Girl it’s exhausting that’s why…