How can I get my kids last name hyphenated?

My children have my ex’s last name. We split up, and I would like to hyphenate their names with his last name and mine. How easy is this to do? I’m not trying to change their name to just mine; I just want to hyphenate it. The plan was to always end up with the same last name as my children as we were engaged, but now that that’s not happening, it doesn’t sit right with me that my children have no part of me as far as the last name is concerned. The process for doing this, and how easy was it to get done?


I may be wrong but dad might have to also agree on the name change

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You and their dad will have to agree to get their names changed and will have to pay at the social security office for it to be done

Have to file with the courts and pay for each child and you will have to get the fathers approval because even though ur just adding ur name your still technically changing jt


I did this for my child at birth.

You have to go to the social security office. I believe it costs money

The dad will probably have to agree. I’m not sure if you have to go through court or not though

Go to the court house, or wherever you have to go to get birth certificates etc in your town, and ask for a name change form.

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You carried them for 9 months and literally birthed them.
They are a part of you.
But I think you need dad’s permission.


Go in to your local town hall to find out. It’s possible and costs about$100.

What if you get married down the road? Then your last names wouldnt be the same anyways


Its about 1000 depending on ur state

Dad will have to agree. My son just took mine and his siblings new name

Legally, if he is on the birth certificate, you can’t do it behind his back. The court will notify him that you’re wanting to change the name and he will have a chance to object to the change if he wants

Just be aware people screw up my daughter’s hyphenated last name all the time. And on her license there won’t be a hyphen, our state doesn’t use them even though it’s on her social security card

He has to sign off on that it’s expensive too

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In fl a name change cost us over 500

You would have to go to your local social security office and fill out a name change form there may or may not be a fee, but after doing so they would need a new social security number. In some states you can go to the health clinic to get a new birth certificate.

Why not leave your kids out of your disputes with your ex.


In CA you have to go to court and file for it to be changed. The dad has to either agree or not show up for it to be granted. Any changes to a birth certificate has to be done through a court order. If its left blank and your just adding information you can go straight to the hall of records or wherever the BC is issues from and take proper documents and add info but changing requires a court order signed by a judge then you go and get a revised BC and then a revised SSC.