How can I get my milk supply up?

My baby wouldn’t latch so I exclusive pump. I pump 8-10 times a day. Does anybody else do this? How do I get my supply up so I can store breast milk. is there anything that I can eat to help with the supply? Is it okay to sleep thru the night with out slowing down my supply? Any other helpful information?


I’ve read that body armour is supposed to up the supply

Lots and lots of hydration! Water or good stuff

You need to pump at night also. You can also order milky mama lactation cookies, brownies and drinks. Stay hydrated! And if all else fails ask your ob to prescribe reglan.

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Fenugreek vitamins and water

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You should search lactation cookies

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I pumped every 3 hours religiously and very quickly my milk came in in abundance… it got addictive to see what I could get…think my body thought It was feeding twins… i had my freezer full of breast milk &my friends freezer I had to much.i did ot for 6 months &the quit stopping was unreal but he had I’d say another whole week of frozen breaths milk or more…so be consistent with expressing especially during the nights

Lots and lots and lots of hydration! How many ounces do you get at a time? I used to pump 1-2 more times than my baby ate, so I could store the extra. I found a tea that really helped : Traditional Medicinals, Mothers Milk tea. All organic!

Lactation cookies, gatoraid, and flax seed will all help. FunGreek has very bad side affects for you and baby but some ppl can take with out any complications! You must still pump at night & can also power pump during the day. Make sure you label am milk and pm milk as well :heart: feel free to pm me with any questions, I’m still breastfeeding my youngest :blush:

You can get mother’s milk tea… it’s a fenugreek tea… it helps with milk supply


Up your protein. Skin to skin while you pump. Find a good lactation specialist so you get the support you need.

The yeast in the beer will bring your milk in. It just have to decide to have a cold one.

How long do you pump? I EP and pump for at least 30 minutes each time. Every 2-4 hours. 6 max from bedtime. And only one time daily that far apart. Lots of water.

Drink a beer before you feed or pump

I EPed for 50 weeks, fed my baby for months after and donated 15 1/2 gallons to mothers milk bank. Put the work in during the first 12 weeks when your body is building hormone receptors. Pump every 2 hours, and power pump to build your supply. Get up in the middle of the night and pump too. Babies don’t sleep though the night, neither should your pump. Breastmilk composition changes with the time of day. I also did 2 rounds of fenugreek (coupled with power pumping). Make sure your are drinking enough; have a bottle handy while your pumping. Google how to set up a pumping station. I also used lanolin just around the edge of my flange for comfort and I put my flanges in the fridge in a Ziploc bag for use with 2-3 pumps. YouTube how to massage your breasts for increased production/more complete emptying. Massage each side for a good minute before you pump to help loosen milk fat from the ducts. Use warm moist heat.

Oatmeal helped my supply. I would say pump before bed and then immediately as soon as you wake up if you plan on sleeping through the night without pumping.

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Drink a beer before u go to sleep . Wake up with rocks in ur shirt lol i only did it once but i went from a few ozs per side to 8 each side overnight


I bought lactation cookies and drank teas all day that help produce milk.

Cluster pumping to imitate cluster feeding! Pump normally and the. A few minutes later pump for 20 minutes and then on and on for 10 minutes a few times. Look it up they have better explained schedules

I used blessed thistle and fenugreek combo and they definitely helped I got them from a health store

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