How can I get my milk to come back in?

I have a question how do I get my milk back it has slowed down a lot I can only get 1 oz maybe my baby is only 3 weeks old ? I would love to keep trying to Breast-feed


If you are pumping exclusively, you need to be pumping at least 10-12 times in a 24hr period. Skin to skin. Putting baby to breast as often as possible.

Hydrate, lots of water, supply & demand, let baby nurse.


Eat and drink properly is the main thing Google up different food a d drink that will help with your supply

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Drink lots of water and pump after every feeding and throughout the day/night

Latch latch latch your baby. Drink lots of fluids. Soups were good for me and don’t stress

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Hydrate. Power pump a few times a day. Lactation cookies or brownies. You can make your own. Usual ingredients are brewers yeast, oats, and flax seed. You can make shakes and all kinds of things.

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Steel cut oats were amazing for me!

Pump round the clock every few hours. It worked for me.

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Fenugreek capsules and “mother’s milk tea.” Both from Walmart.


Hydration electrolytes oats armor drinks MILKYMAMMA sells brownies and smoothies and more to help produce more. Keep pumping nursing increasing calories to help promote more

Nurse a lot. & pump in between feedings. Drink lots of water.

Make sure the flange size you’re using is the correct size. Pumps won’t get out what baby gets out so you may still be making more than enough for your babe. But drink lots and lots of water!

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It’s a natural supplement that will help with your milk production. You can get it at the health good stores. It’s awesome!!

Water, eat oatmeal, chocolate it helped me with mine

I used aloe and coconut water. Stuff like body armor and lactation cookies. Stay hydrated. Like how ever much you drank while pregnant… keep it going. And nurse as often as possible. Dont skip pumping or nursing at night.

It could just be a pumping issue. My supply is great but when I pump I’ll only get two ounces after an hour.
If you feel engorged after a few hours that means your supply is just fine and just be patient and consistent.
There’s recipes for cookies you can make to help with supply.
I found that oatmeal with flaxseed works great. And stay hydrated.
You can also talk to your obgyn, pediatrician or a lactation consultant about supplements you can take.


Pump then latch on immediatelu after it causes an over supply use it to buold a stock pile then regulate it out by only latching