How can I get my partners friends to stop coming over so much?

How do I stop my partner’s friends from coming over so often? We are due with baby number 2 in under three months, and his friends are over constantly in our shed. They’re all basically teenagers, so they won’t listen to reason. I’ve tried everything up to padlocks on the fence. Do I honestly need to resort to threatening to call the police? They’re all good guys who always have our backs, but they take away my child’s father. Before anyone says anything the father has told them not to come around during the week, and they still do


They’re all good guys who have your backs but they take away your child’s father? I’m getting some red flags from this post tbh.


Is this for real… lol :roll_eyes:


umm its your house/shed n yr having a baby i’d be outa kick in teeth in but thts just me n if yr hubby/bf can’t accept tht bye bye

When they get there your partner just needs to tell them to leave.


seems like he hasn’t actually told them to not go over during the week or just isn’t firm with how he says if. if they’re his friends, he should be able to tell them to not come over (being serious) and them listen. maybe he needs to be firm with what he’s saying and hopefully you see proof he’s saying it too. i know guys who say one thing then when the “bros” are around its “shes stupid. i just told you that so she would shut up, just come over still” which hopefully isn’t what’s happening.


New locks on the shed?
Also hanging out with teenagers? Sounds kind of odd…


I’m going thro the same thing. I told my husband. His friends need to start calling and asking if they can come over. They can’t just invite themselves to dinner or stay until 3am we have 4 kids and our own lives and they are too much so after a good year of fighting about that I made it very uncomfortable for his friends to be here. Now they call first haha. Baby number 5 is due soon and thank God we got this resolved before the baby came


Do y’all even read these posts before you post them? Or y’all just let whoever say whatever?


What would you tell the police? Your husband’s friends won’t go home? :joy: he just needs to tell them he’s busy and can’t hang out that day…


They’re teenagers!?! Like thats weird first of all. And if you’re not adult enough to be stern with some teens then sounds like you should call yalls parents for help. Because this is ridiculous


are you sure he has told them ? doesn’t sound like he is being clear enough to them. IF you both have done it and still no luck, then i would be honest with them and tell them you dont want to have to do it but you will call the police for trespassing and leave it at that. But it sounds like maybe your partner hasn’t been direct enough

You get friends of yer own. And stop being jelous because his friends are visiting him.


Seriously? Your husband is a grown ass man, if he didn’t want his friends around, he would make it obvious and just tell them. He isn’t making them go away or just not come over to begin with. You need to start with him, that is where the problem is

Put a big bin in the shed that says, “Price of admission: one pack of diapers, wipes or one item of baby clothing size NB”. When they show up, go check the bin, if they didn’t contribute they gotta go…


Lmao I needed a laugh this morning thank you

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He needs to handle this or you will become the Wicked Witch of the West. I had the same problem until she made me understand that I needed to put my foot down. High school is over, family first. It’s not fair for you to have to be the bad guy.


He doesn’t have to join them in the shed. He should let them hang out alone, stay in with you, they’ll get the message.


I believe she means they are acting like teenagers not actually teenagers.

The father has very clearly told them other things while you’re not around. Don’t make a fool of yourself by calling the cops on kids your man wants there. If he quit indulging them they wouldn’t be there.