How can I get my sick baby to eat?

I am I need of advice my 2 yr old has been coughing so bad it started out like a light dry cough and has progressed to a full-grown hacking that makes her almost throw up. Now she was born tiny and has been pretty consistently tiny, but I haven’t been able to get this child to eat anything, even her favorite foods. Urgent care told us she has an ear infection, but she’s lost 2 pounds in 5 days. How do I get her to eat I’m so worried


Try nutritional drinks instead. They make them for kids. Kind of like “meal replacement” drinks.

They are like milkshakes

Just keep her hydrated with ice pops… especially if she has an upset stomach… then try to pediasure drinks, her appetite will come back in time. Then you can fill her up :slightly_smiling_face:

I know the ideal foods we’d want our sick children to eat would be healthy choices but if they’re refusing almost all foods maybe give them a popsicle or ice cream. Some calories is better then no calories and losing weight.

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I would take her to the er

Pedialyte, meal replacement “shakes”, and constant contact with the dr giving updates! He/she will guide you according to how shes doing.

Did they prescribe antibiotics and ear drops? Also take her to her PCP. Or to the ER

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Lots of fluids try soups i think keeping her hydrated right is the most important. Shell eat when she feels better

Avoid dairy, it makes congestion. Some of the suggestions of ice pops an Pedialyte…are good jello gelatin might interest her. If it persists take her to an er. Good luck I hope she feels better soon.

the doctors would mainly be concerned about her drinking, i would make sure she is drinking plenty, & maybe try some chicken broth or juice from chicken noodle soup. hope she feels better soon!

What does his doctor say!?

Been thru this my youngest was sick for a whole month and wouldn’t touch anything. Doc said as long as shes staying hydrated that’s all she needs. Once the cold passes the hunger will come back. U cant force them to eat they will when they are ready.

Wat state u live in did they give u oral meds to give ur bby for pain and the infection and a cough is not related to an ear infection take ur child to another doctor there is something going around called the coronavirus which can kill a sick child with a cough spreading around worldwide watch the news your child can die

What about drinking? Like pedisure type things? Jello. Try warm honey on a spoon. Can soothe the throat and might help with cough.

Popsicles scramble eggs! Stay always from dairy because it causes mucus

My son’s doctor told us to try popsicles, Italian ice, smoothies, chocolate…she said as long as baby is getting something in their belly while sick she wouldn’t be concerned.

Just push fluids, don’t worry about food she’s miserable. Water is most important. She will get her appetite back

Ask the pharmacist for advice x build up drinks etc x aptimil x

When my son (he’s 3) would refuse food when he’s sick but would drink for me, I would give him pediasure 40% more protein. (instead of the grow and gain) We also gave him toddler formula to be sure he was getting enough vitamins. Push lots of fluid. Also, you can try pudding, yogurt, jello. Anything smooth and easy to swallow for her. She might have a sore throat too.

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