How can I get my son to keep his toys in his toy area?

Any ideas on keeping my son’s toys in one area. He has his own room to play and yet somehow I still end up with toys in literally EVERY room in the house. We just moved into a new house, so we were just recently able to give him his own play room. Before our house was tiny (~200sq. ft.) so we did let him play with his toys anywhere he wanted. But now I want to stop that and just have him play in his playroom. Any tips/tricks how to teach him this so I don’t lose my sanity with the mess??


Maybe he doesn’t want to be isolated in his own toyroom and wants to be near you. Keep a few special toys in a basket in the common area that he is only allowed to play with there and see what happens. He is used to being near his mama, which is more important than his own room.


Sounds like he doesn’t want to play alone…make a game out of cleaning up


He shouldn’t be limited to just one room, he needs to be able to move and be around people. Limit the amount of toys he can play with at one time, and keep a bin in each room for him to put his toys in and switch them out every few weeks or so.


Let him play but also teach him to pick up after himself. You may have to help him in the beginning by walking behind him, holding his hand to pick up the toys but he will learn. Keep a basket handy in each room to help. This is of course me being under the impression that he is a little guy… toddler age.
I watched my grandson’s pediatrician do this with him when he dropped a tissue on the floor and he was one year old.

He probably doesn’t want to be in there alone, how old is the kid?
The picking up toys thing, I can remember doing it every evening after they went to bed. Some are better listeners, keep things tidy etc than others… Just like adults. LOL.
Maybe some bins baskets and money always works. Set up an allowance

kindly tell him he needs to keep his toys in his room so no one gets hurt tripping over them… if he doesn’t listen, then start putting your foot down… I’ve told my daughter since she was 2 and she’s listened ever since…

Always play with your children whenever possible!!! :heart:


So he can play with toys in his room alone or be next to you and play nothing🤔

He’ll be young for only a few years. Let him be close to you, participate in his play. You’ll have plenty of toy free time later!

Probably a little late for this … but maybe don’t have kids :joy: toys tend to be dragged from room to room by best advice would be to explain that at the end of the day before bed if toys are not put where they are found they won’t be found in the morning :wink: (garbage) and the kids won’t take you seriously until you actually follow through and you’ll see it’ll be that once and they’ll pick them up every time after that :joy: I promise


Let him play, you get down and play with him too every time when you can.Every toy can be use as an educational piece. So get some teaching learning activities in it. Colour shape size.
Then sing Clean up, Clean up everybody clean up.
First you start picking up then gradually cut back until he is the one picking up best of luck.

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Teach him how to clean up as well. Every end of his play time, take his toy basket (or whatever you use) and ask him to put it in there. Build a habit so he identifies that it’s where the toys should be in after play time. Hopefully, soon enough when he plays by himself and you’re not around, he’ll know where to put his toys once he’s done playing. Mess is almost inevitable with kids, so you have to teach them and create a new habit for them.

You don’t want to have him only play in a specific area. He might either have a sense of seclusion/isolation, or get over protective over that area which isn’t good too.


Pack half away and if he doesnt put his toys away when hes finished put half away again till he learns to play and put away


Tell him you will take away all his toys an give them to kids who will clean up an put them in the toy box that’s the deal ,

Ummm it’s a child…will grow an learn with age

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Enjoy him while hes still at the playing age cause he will grow and then he will look for other things to do.

What leaves the room,disappears.:woman_shrugging:t4: lol. Yes he’s a child but boundaries,consequences, discipline,etc…are best taught at an early age. Before you know it you’ll be picking up after a grown man child.


Keep the toys in the living room, then they’ll just be in one room.

I used to tell mine that if I find their toys around the house I will throw them away. As soon as they saw me with the broom they would run to get them picked up and put away.