How can I get my son to like a sippy cup?

Hi mamas. My little will be 13 months Tuesday, and we are struggling with giving up the bottle. I can’t bring myself to just take it and wait for him to get thirsty enough to drink from the sippy cup ( what the pediatrician suggested). He will put the sippy cup in his mouth and carry it around and drink a few sips, but that’s it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


I actually found a bottle a dollar general that has a sort of sippy top that my baby ises now

The only one my son liked was the NUK ones that are hard and have the silicone insert to stop flow. He didn’t take to it until pretty late too… later than 13 mos I know that :grin::purple_heart: good luck!

My kids went straight to straws

I had to just take it from her because she just wouldn’t give it up. My son gave it up willingly for the cup but didn’t want to give the cup up. We’ll see how it goes this time around. Lol

Get the nuk transition. It comes with the bottle lid and the sippy part.


My kid hates sippy cups so I got her this instead. She likes it

I didn’t deal with this, because my kids didn’t drink from bottles… But I’d try some different sippy cups. Soft spout, hard spout, straw ones, etc… My daughter liked the hard spout ones the best even at 8 months old for her water.

They have a transition one at Walmart by Nuby. The ones I have seen are only Orange. It has a nipple that is bottle like then u can change the nipple to a soft cup like nipple then u move from that to hard. It has worked with all 3 of my babies and I plan to do it with my 3 week old when it comes time to start on a cup around 10-11months old💜

Try Zoli bot which is a cup with a weight straw so works regardless of how the cup is held and doesn’t leak… one of mine went from bottle directly to this as also didn’t like sippy cups (also later than 13 mos)…
the other did like the nuk pictured above

Nuby, straw, 360 and the tummy tickler bottles are what we had to use.

Nuks sippy cups and the straw. I started the sippy cup w/straw at 6 months when i started BLW . But the transition with water in sippy cup to bottle with formula was smooth. So I think trying at 13 months would be easy!

My daughter was the same way I ended up buying her the soft top nuk sippy cups from Walmart she liked those and their also spill proof

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My daughter would only take the ones with straws.

Use a close valve bottle

Try different types. Our kids at that age preferred the rubber tip ones.


Both my kids went to straws and cups at 9/10 months. No issues. They were both eating mostly full meals. Around 18 months ill switch my 1yr old to a reg cup .

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My second was that way… He gave in to the sippy at about 18 months. I tried, he watched his big brother drink out of a sippy. One day he just decided on his own. Keep offering the sippy cup.

we used the 360 cups

We had to start at soft top sippy cup. And then slowly transition to a hard top one. Now we are at 360 cups

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