How can I get my son to sleep in his own bed?

I have been cosleeping since my son was about six months old. He is now three and a half. He will sleep in his step little brother’s room without me at my soon to be husband’s house but won’t sleep in his own room at my house! What is the best way to help him transition into sleeping in his own room? I have it set up the best way I could think of! His favorite character bedding, posters, glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, TV with DVD player like everything, but he will throw the biggest fit when trying to put him in his bed to go to sleep. What am I doing wrong??


We move our kid to her bed after she falls asleep. We also put a bed in our room for while. Till she got used to sleeping in there.

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I let mine lay in our bed and carry him to his bed

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I sit with my son in his room until he fall asleep. If he wakes up and has a hard time Going back to sleep he’ll cosleep but usually just put him back to bed.

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Lay down with him in his bed until he falls asleep.

Stick to it
Don’t give in
He’s old enough to fall asleep on his own.


If he manages to sleep without you in one situation, his refusal to in another situation is a learned behavior.
You can train him to sleep in his own bed/not with you in any situation with a routine, consistency, not giving in, and patience

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Be consistent. You are the adult. Put him in his room and shut the door.

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Personally, I’d remove the tv/DVD player… that’s just more stimulation for him. Create a routine and stick with it. He gets up, you put him back. It may take a while, it might even be a bit of a battle, but you have to be consistent! At his age you also might consider a sticker chart - sticker for each night he sleeps in his bed and a reward at the end of the week if he stays in his bed the goal number of nights (start small like 3 nights and work your way up.)


With my son my little sister started the co sleeping while I worked night well when my now husband and I moved into a place together his room had a TV mine didn’t because it was in the living room for awhile (he was used to a TV to fall asleep it what I used as light light since he was born) so when he asked to sleep with me I told him sure he lasted maybe 2 minutes before he wanted to go back to his room where paw patrol was playing and i havent had a problem since then now every once in a blue moon will he sleep in bed with me if my husband goes out of town

Consistency. He’s going to cry and throw a fit but you have to consistently put him back in his bed. Do not let him come back into your bed when he throws a fit. Make a routine and stick to it.

There are a ton of nanny 911 and super nanny episodes that give techniques for getting your child to sleep in their own bed. YouTube it. I used super nannies technique and with in two nights my son started sleeping in his own room with out the tantrum.

I always moved mine after they fell asleep. Still do my youngest one. I have a 10,8,and 1.5 year old.

My oldest kids still will ask me to lay with them in their beds sometimes until they fall asleep. Actually, up until this summer, I took turns with each one every night.

I always assure my daughter that, even though I am putting her in her room, she can come to my room if she needs to. It helps calm her some. Six-year-old with special needs… We’re still working on it! Hang in there mom.

You are doing it all right! We had this problem with my daughter. We put a gate in front of her door and every time she got up we put her back. And a few bribs she got her favorite candy or a new playdough in the morning if she slept in her big girl bed. Took about 2 weeks and still sometimes she will fight going to sleep hoping I will let her sleep in our bed.

First of all, YOURE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG! Us moms are so hard on ourselves. You could be doing off color things, but you’re not. You’re trying all kinds of methods and ideas and even reaching out to a “third party” for more positive ideas and methods to try. YOU’RE DOING GREAT. You’re great!

I’ve heard that a lot of people get a toddler bed and set it up next to their own bed. Their kid is allowed to sleep in their parents’ room, but have to sleep in their own bed.

The next step in the transition is to move the toddler bed to his room.

I laid with my son until he was old enough to understand that i couldnt lay there any more that i had to go to bed as well. Now he sleeps on his own fabulously. Unless theres a nightmare which is totally fine.

Set a routine you follow and Lay in there with him until he falls asleep then slowly transition to leaving sooner and sooner. Give him a shirt to snuggle that smells like you.

My son has finally moved and stayed in his bed (he’s 4) I had to try a few different night lights I found a rocket one on amazon it did the trick! And a special new bear to snuggle