How can I get my son to stop drinking while laying down?

My son is 15 months old and still drinks lying down. He uses the nuk learner sippy cup, and that’s the only one he will take. So please don’t suggest other cups… we’ve tried already. Thank you


Give him an open cup :woman_shrugging:t3: with tiny bits to drink because the mess, but ya…that’s what worked with mine

Don’t give it to him unless he is sitting up. When he lays down, take it away and tell him that he must sit up to get the cup back. Its a battle of wits but you have to be consistent and not give in due to tantrums and whining.

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What about a nite light that shines pictures on the wall and hold him in a ricking chair and have him drink that way? I have a elephant one that has different colors of stars , i point them out to my daughter while she drinks her almond milk in my lap :blush:

I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but at 15 months, take away the sippy cup. Give him a real cup at the table. They catch on quick.

Only give him milk or juice in the cup while sitting up in his highchair. When he is laying down offer him the cup with only water in it. If he is truly thirsty then I do not believe having water while laying down should be a big deal. If he isn’t thirsty, he will refuse the cup and learn he will only get other beverages while in his highchair.

He’s a baby. Don’t make a non-issue an issue. He’s fine. He’ll stop doing that when he’s ready and yes, it will stop. There will be moments when you wish he would lie down and take a drink from his cup. LOL Don’t rush the process and don’t make everything a battle. I don’t understand this, “don’t give in to him” and forcing babies to do things. That never works. It just creates a lot of stress for you and baby. Enjoy his babyhood. It is all too fleeting.

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Just FYI leave other cups out among his play items until he gets used to them

As the parent, if laying down while drinking is a no-no in your book, then you need to let him know. Now is the time to set up rules and boundaries. Yes, there will be times that your child will test you but you have to stay firm. If not… you’ll have problems setting up rules and boundaries when they get older.


He’s only 15m. What’s the issue with it? Is he getting ear infections?

Talk to his dr to make sure he’s learning on his curve.

Every child is different. Do what you think is best for your child. He will grow out of it. My grandsons did the same thing.

It may just take time. Each child develops on a different time table.

Sit him at the table. Plus it enforced the table is the place to eat or drink. High chair. Car seat…


Don’t let him use that one. Give him one of the other ones. If he’s thirsty, he will drink from it. Don’t give in to him.


He’s still technically a baby at 15months… they don’t consider them toddlers till 18m.


Hes still a baby he will outgrow it just enjoy him

Uh…don’t give it to him?

Tuff love! Don’t let him have it.