How can I get my son to stop sucking his thumb?

So my son has been sucking his thumb since birth. I tried to get him on Southers, but he wouldn’t stop with his thumb, and now he’s a year and a half still sucking his thumb, and his teeth are starting to cut open his thumb. I’ve put socks on his hands and bought one of those arm braces specifically for him to not be able to reach it but can still play and use his hands. It’s hard cause I don’t want him to get an infection or to ruin his teeth or to continue sucking his thumb. Does anyone know anything that can help?


When i was young my friends mum used to paint her fingernails with some clear nail varnish stuff that tasted awful. I dont remember what it was called but i think it worked!

I was a thumb sucker til I was 8. Nothing worked on me, not even the ol’ famous “hot sauce” trick. I’m a super spicy :hot_pepper: food eater now lol. The only thing that stopped me was that I had to go to the hospital for a surgery. They kept my hands bound until the drugs wore off. Never sucked my thumb since. :woman_shrugging:t2: good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Well let me tell you a story i sucked my thumb sinds birth after 7 or 8 years my parents tried literally everything to stop you know what happened i still suck my thumb
When i got my son he also sucked his thumb but as he grew to one year he just stopped out of nothing so yeah i don’t know why you want ur child to stop it but that thumb sucking is comfort for us thumb sucking people a stress reliever so yeah

(Ella mia no more biting) is for stopping kids to bite their nails it tastes nasty u can buy it at target for like 10$

I had one that would still suck his thumb while he slept at 10 years old. Another did the same until 8. Good luck. :exploding_head:


Maybe a soothie toy or blanket to replace his active hands? My daughter wiggles her finger around in her blankie, has to constantly “fiddle” while she goes to sleep.

Hot sauce never worked for me, I ended up getting a cut on my finger and stopped. (Not saying to cut your kids thumb!)

Honestly I don’t think you can stop him…it’s his way of comforting himself. My younger son was the same and he eventually grew out of it. Have you tried substitutes? There was a small blanket my son was attached to also

Maybe take his hand out of his mouth, smack it, and tell him no? :woman_shrugging:


My daughter did until she was 8 when she got chickenpox she did it when she was ready

My sister still sucks her thumb at the age of 31😅

WOW at some of these suggestions :roll_eyes: it’s a security thing, smacking his hand like he’s bad is definitely NOT gonna help the situation. He will eventually grow out of it, or maybe he won’t. I am 38 and still find myself with my thumb in my mouth when I’m extremely exhausted. As a child my parents tried EVERYTHING including telling me my thumb was gonna rot off.

I wouldn’t worry about him sucking his thumb!
He WILL out grow it!
I was a thumb sucker, as a kid… did it until I was around 11
And I sucked my thumb sometimes until my thumb had a cut as well - at which time I would switch thumbs!!

Biggest problem I now have as an adult from sucking my thumb, is my nail on the thumb I favored has a small indent from I guess my teeth.
Otherwise no other problems! My mother worried and put sour crap on it, I would just suck until the taste wore away! She put aluminum foil on it when I went to bed, I just took off!

What I can tell you is, as an adult because I was able to self sooth by sucking my own thumb IS I’m still self reliant! When growing up I always tried to work things out for myself!!!

So don’t worry about him sucking his thumb, it is comforting to him…

A thumb sucker will never truly stop sucking thier thumb. My mom still does it when she is relaxed and forgets her surroundings. Three of my four where thumb suckers, the really thumb suckers which are two of the three had been doing it since the womb not birth still do when they are stressed, no one is looking or simply relaxed in thier own world. Two had something like a retainer installed by thier dentist that stopped them from doing it because it effected the way thier front teeth grew because of the postion the placed thier thumb in thier mouths. My last child sucked her whole thumb didn’t affect the growth of her teeth, suspect the older ones taught her the trick simply outgrew it on her own but under stress, emotional situations she will find comfort in doing it. This is a battle because they simply always have it with them you can try remedies but the only thing that I found that truly worked was the reversed retainer, do not remember what it was actually called. Lots of patience because it is not easy.

My mom tried everything with my brother mustard, hot sauce, gloves, nail stuff and well hes 32 now and still sucks his thumb. I used to and still do when im extremely worried however my point is he will either grow out of it or it not. If cutting try the material plasters that stretch n be cut to size?

How old is he? Did I read it right you brace his arms to keep him from sucking his thumb :open_mouth: A lot of kids suck their thumb unit school age its a sorce of comfort … DONT bind his arms OMG Thats horrible

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I think you can buy sour spray to put on his thumb so he won’t want it in his mouth.

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He will stop when he’s ready! don’t force him to stop that is a coping Mechanism and some kids don’t stop till 16 or older!