How can I get my son to understand he cannot bug dad while working from home?

My husband is going to start working from home for the most part now. Our son is 1.5 and is a daddy magnet! I know he will want to follow his dad into the home office and want to play since he knows daddy is home. In the morning, we usually wave dad off until the car is out of sight so our son can see dad physically went to work. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas on how to keep him from crying at the home office door and how to help him understand dad is at work?


Sadly he’s only 1.5 so he is not gonna understand daddy works. He just sees daddy behind the door. Daddy is at home. Suggestions are to not let him see daddy go in, daddy lock the door behind him & you communicate through texting etc, if he needs to leave. So you can take him to another area until daddy finishes what he’s doing & goes back to work until he finishes.


Have dad go to work then take kiddo to a room and dad can sneak back in. Keep his normalcy


Tell him daddy new office is in this room. And when its time for him to go to work have him walk down the hall and wave goodbye to each other.


Do the same thing but he comes right back and sneaks into the office and lock the door

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Wave dad off at door and havr him sneak back in!!!


Have him lock the door when he doesn’t need to be disturbed. My husband has been working from home since March. This and “leave Dad alone. He’s working.” works here.

Wave dad off the same way then go somewhere in the house so dad can sneak back in


Omg one and a half…just out smart child. No means no, make sure dad has his space to work. Maybe take the baby out in the stroller, or have a play date. Parenting isnt that hard. (I raised 6)

Explain that dad works at home now and while he is working he has to leave him alone in his office. Then set up a fun area for him to have his play office in the living or family room with a t.v. On cartoon’s. Tell him while daddy works he has to work in his part of the house and his work is to have fun while dad works.

We have that with my almost 15 month old n I just go into another room n lock the door or go into the garage or wherever.

She’s super attached to me and don’t do well with dad so we are working on a 110% virtual environment again as of today so when she’s not at daycare and I have to work it’s hard

I put on the heater and work from the garage with a hotspot some days. But I am thankful for the days she’s at daycare

My 17 month old is a daddy magnet too. He doesn’t work from home, but if he’s cooking with bacon or something that pops, he needs her out of the kitchen and away from him. Not sure if they really understand at that age.

The wave him off and have Dad sneak back in, on its face, sounds good, but Dad is eventually going to need to toilet and eat.

So, unless where Dad is working has an en suite bathroom and you are cool with bringing him food, you’re going to have to teach your child not to bother Dad.

Let the child say good bye as usual and then go to another part of the home so that any video conferencing or meetings are not disturbed by any crying or commotion.

As to the bit about “keep him from crying at the…door” you are more than capable of preventing the child from heading to that part of the house, and keeping him from disturbing your spouse.

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Hes a year and a half. Not going to.

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Make a production of dad “going to work” in the morning and saying goodbye. And be sure to announce his arrival when he “gets home” at the end of the day. We do this and it helps tremendously.

Luckily you are there to take care of this… i work from home since this pandemic, and have my daughter who just turned 3 to take care of too…you need to take control

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2 choices :

  1. Avoid the issue - Try to avoid him seeing Dad go into the room. Have him text you so that your son doesn’t see him if he needs to come out for any reason.

  2. Deal with the issue head on - Wave and say bye to Dad as he walks into the office. “Bye Dad, have fun at work. Love you!” Blow kisses, etc whatever you normally do to say bye and then walk away to do something else. “Come on, it’s breakfast time! We’ll see Dad at lunch” or whatever and keep him away from the door. A safety gate might help if he’s insistent. They have low ones for $10 at Walmart that are easy to put up and take down. You could even say bye at the safety gate instead if that’s feasible. The safety gate could be a signal that Dad’s working.

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Maybe keep the same morning ritual as if dad is going to work like waving n him driving down the road a bit n waiting for an ok text from u to come back n sneak in while u distract y’all child by playing with toys or going into the backyard for a bit or going into part of the house where he can’t hear or see him come back in, then wait for a text letting u know he’s in the home office. Communicate by text n don’t let ur son see u go to the home office when bring his dad lunch or anything that the dad will need if the dad needs to come out go into another room with y’all’s son with door shut n wait for him to text that he is back in the office once more or maybe slowly get y’all’s son use to the new change by slowly reforcing his attention on something else until he gets use of dad being home more

Maybe try dad still leaving in the car and then sneaking back home and just going straight into his office without your son seeing him lol x

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Teach your son daddy has to work maybe make a red light/green light sign when it’s red he needs to leave daddy alone when its green he can visit daddy. Dad needs to keep the door closed while working if he needs to lock it so be it.

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