How can I get my sons father on the birth certificate?

Ok, so when I had my son, the father didn’t sign the birth certificate. He set up child support & we both signed papers stating he’s the father instead of doing genetic testing. At the child support hearing, would the court file those papers, so he’s automatically put on the birth certificate, or is that something the parents have to handle themselves?


You have to do an amendment to the birth certificate.

They would put it on the birth certificate if hes paying child support

He has to do it and it cost around $100 I think.

you can go to city hall and he can put his name on, for a fee

there is a number to call to add him. You can call your county records office and get the number.

You can ask the court for it to be done in most circumstances. Ask your local circuit clerk and they should be able to tell you!

We had to do it ourselves

He would have to have the birth certificate amended.

In Ohio you just fill out a paper and pay the fee for the new birth certificate and that’s it

whatever town you had your baby in, he should be able to go there to do this

Mine paid child support and we went to court for other reasons and he had to complete additional paperwork to get updated

In Michigan where I’m from my sons dad was suppose to pay for it he never did so he never got put on the certificate but we did have paternity established he was overseas when I had our son. The parents have to handle it it goes higher than just your local courthouse it’s a legal thing so has to go thru like the capital

Call your county clerk office

Look on the vital records web site. But they are probably going to want to see documents for proof

Sign an acknowledgement of paternity form from your state. Both of you sign in front of notary. And send in to get birth certificate amended. Depending on your state, your court documents might be sufficient enough. But I would do the AOP just in case. And send into your states vital records

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He might have to adopt him

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In most states there is an affidavit of acknowledgement of paternity.

You have to file it … You and the dad…

We just went and he signed an affidavit saying he was the father. Then it was $10 for a new copy.