How can I get my three year old to stop biting?

My three-year-old daughter has started to bite her siblings when she is angry. She does it hard enough that it bruises and breaks the skin, and bleeds a tiny bit. She is the youngest of four.

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My oldest bit me when she was around 2, so I bit her back…she never did it again.


Have them bite her back to let her know how it feels


Im sure ill get some flack for this but…bite her back. Not hard enough to draw blood tho. It seems like little ones maybe dont know what they’re doing hurts someone but if they see “hey this hurts” theyll most likely stop. Mine did lol :smirk:


I agree with the above broke all 3 of mine from biting that way!


bite back or discipline

Mine bit me and I bit her back. She never did it again.:woman_shrugging:t2:

My oldest son pushed the baby off the couch when he bit him. :grimacing::woman_shrugging:t3: It worked. He stopped biting. 10/10 would not recommend. Dad was angry and oldest, I was laughing cause karma (he was old enough to know better and we had tried everything). Baby cried. I sat there like…


Let him bite her back

Let this be posted again next week… guaranteed the next set of answers will be “dont bite back. Tell them gently no that hurts”…


Have them Bite her back she won’t do it again when she sees it hurts not hard enough to leave a mark obviously just to let her know it hurts

What l did is l made the kid bite themself in the arm and it broke them of doing it again

I bit mini back. She was about 1…maybe 1.5…she never bit me again

Asserting her dominance lol.

i bit my kids back when they bit and never did it again my mom did to to my kids and never did it again to all 3 of mine a 25 yr old and 8 and 9 yr old even my niece

I do not disagree with biting them back…worked great for my oldest son who bit a few times, I finally bit him back obviously not hard enough to leave any type of mark, just hard enough to say hey this hurts it worked. My second son who is currently being evaluated for autism…I just cant figure out how to make him not bite. He gets upset and he bites.

My grandson used to bite me until i bit him back. He hasn’t bit me since.

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and im sure my mom bit me and my brother

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Depends on what’s started the biting and what’s setting her off? Being the smallest isn’t easy she might just be trying to assert herself when she’s angry and has taken to biting because she will get an instant result, its not just a “you” thing to sort out your other kids need to work with you to change her behavior especially if they want to stop getting bitten, you need to work out what sets her off, stop it before it starts and redirect her to something else or just try talking to her.

Im glad so many said bite back. One mom group im in was like “be nice. Redirect. Be gentle. Biting is abuse” like what…stfu and mind your own