How can I get my three year old to stop biting?

My son was a lil swine with biting he bruised me, my friends lil lad use to come home from nursery covered in bruised bite marks from him my friend went mad at the teachers sayen how could they allow it to happen so many times, he did it to another child n I was pulled in the school it was just ridiculous in the end I just nipped his finger everyone he did it to me n eventually he stopped doing it took awhile though

Unfortunately, the bite back method may be your only option. Once she realizes that it hurts, she will stop. Most of the time it only takes one time for kids to realize it. Sometimes you get that stubborn child that needs to realize several times.

I was a biter as a small child. Apparently I used to be annoyed that my older brother got to go to school and I didnt so i used to bite him every day when he came home! Mum bit me back in the end and i stopped straight away!

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We had to bite our daughter for her to stop. No we did not hurt her that it’s any of your concern anymore.

I bite my daughter back if she bites me. Not hard enough to do damage, just hard enough that she knows it’s not a good feeling.

My brother has a mild form of autism and when he was younger he wouldn’t stop being aggressive over anything. I mean he would shove me over and over again for hours on end. He bit me one time, bit me really hard to the point it drew blood and my arm was bruised. I bit him back, right on the shoulder on the back where it’s most sensitive. He never attacked anyone again. (He was 7 and was highly aggressive with his siblings, we’d fight it out. He stopped being a jerk once he realized we kept it even, eye for an eye around here)

My youngest daughter continuously bit her sister at four years old I couldn’t do time out anymore I bit her she never bit again

I bit my daughter back when she drew blood on her older brother and he needed stitches😔 (she’s 2 he’s 10) I didnt bite her hard just enough to get her attention and she didn’t like it! She hasn’t bit anyone is about 6 months🙏.

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My twins bit when they were 1. Twin A was the main biter, and bit Twin B. One day Twin B was sick of getting bit and bit Twin A really hard. Twin A stopped biting for a couple of days. I couldn’t bring myself to bite my child. And in their case wasn’t working because they bit each other, so they knew what it felt like. So I didn’t think it would work if I bit them anyways. But every time they bit, I would immediately put them in time out, then have a talk with them, made them apologize and hug. I would pay close attention to them and when I could see they were getting upset I would separate them and calm them down. Eventually they both stopped, took maybe a month.

Sounds mean but if you bite her and she feels how bad it hurt she will stop. My mom did this to me and I stopped

I’ve had this issue, years back in a daycare. Couple different kids. After several incidences, I finally just bit the first child this problem came up with. Didn’t break the skin but left a faint red mark. That kid never bit again. And his mom thanked me. Second time it came up, after a couple offenses I did it again. Again, that child never bit again. Her mom was at first mildly upset but then admitted that at home it was becoming a major issue with older sibling getting bit. And she too, after seeing that the biting ended, thanked me.

If you don’t want to bite back, which I have done it to my kiddos and it does work… But you can spray some apple cider vinegar into her mouth after she does it. I had to start doing that with my step kids instead because of potential abuse claims I didn’t want to deal with from their mom.

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Shouts to this group of biters :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: not all mom are like us…


Bite back!!,obviously not very hard, just to show that its not nice they soon realise


Safe child rearing is not a parenting choice. Have her be the one to tend to the wound and patch it up and then do a time out for 3 minutes. If you did something that hurt your partner but didnt know it hurt and they did it back to you would you feel cared for and like you learned. I don’t care for the bite back method as I’m trynna be a kinder softer parent. I don’t want one of my childrens memories to be that I hit them.


Have them bite her back that way she will know how it feels


Bite her back​:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


U whoop her ass and make her understand it’s wrong. U can also get off fb and take charge of your parenting

Alot of people will prolly get mad but yeah fr bite her back my step daughter used to do that when she would throw a tantrum she but her dad one day she broke skin he bit her back not hard just enough to scare her a little she never bit anyone again and we tried everything


Get a water squirt bottle. Every time they do it squirt them in the face, it will shock them and it should stop