How can I get my three year old to stop biting?

I bite my son back before who had a huge problem with this around 3-4 and we found out that he is ADHD and he gets extremely over stimulated and that’s why he does it. They have chewy necklaces, or even baby tethers or gum, anything that will give some oral stimulation may help. Usually kids just do it when they are overwhelmed


My son bite his dad on the shoulder when he was little… my husband bite him back hard… he never did it again…


First time my son bit I said no thank you that hurts! very loudly the second time he bit I bit him back and said no thank you! And he never did it again :woman_shrugging:t2: some kids get it with getting down to their level and explaining it others don’t (mines was others :joy:)


I used to bite as a small child, my mom would spank me, time out, etc. When she finally had my cousin bite me back, I stopped biting!!


Tell her no and shower whoever got bit with attention and affection

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So very sad all of these parents saying they bite their young children. You don’t teach non-violence through more violence. You can understand your child still loves you even though they bite. A young child is not going to understand that they are still loved when someone they love causes them pain.


Bite back when they see it hurts they stop.

The comments on this thread are absolutely disgusting. Some of yous should be ashamed. Biting babies back! Poor kids, it should be classed as child abuse!

My little boy went through the biting stage never in a million years would I ever bite him back. we aren’t animals!
There’s so many better ways of discipline than biting back. That’s just teaching them it’s ok for the adult to do it.


You bite back not too hard but just enough for her to realize it hurts I did it one time with my daughter never again did she bite me or anyone

Not a problem!!! BITE HER BACK!!

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Bite back :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: obviously not hard to leave a mark, but enough to get her attention. Once she sees how it feels she won’t do it to someone else.


Make her bite a jalapeno pepper Everytime she bites she will stop


Old fashion way, but yes bite her back enough to hurt. She will stop


Remove her from the other children such as time out place or chair

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Are her older siblings picking on her?

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Heather Nicolai Oliver lol

I used the old fashioned way, also. Bit my boys back every time they bit and it broke them from doing it.


For all the people saying bite back. Please don’t . My son was never a biter until he started school we discovered sensory behaviour as he struggled with the amount of children around him and he seems to have ADHD. I’m not saying this is the same for your child. Say no firmly, use a naughty step or take away toys. A book called “teeth are not for biting” really helped my son. You could try reward charts too. Big hugs it’s more common than you think. Despite my sons issues we used appropriate discipline and made sure he knew it wasn’t OK xx


Time out and no treats or TV when she bites


My son bit me when he was a baby and I bit him back, not enough to break the skin or mark him but just a quick pressure bite so yes it did upset him and he never did it again, my daughter is yet to which surprises me because she’s the one that is feisty and kicks off if she doesn’t get her own way or what she wants but yes she will probably get the same treatment and if that fails then the time out step always works wonders.x