How can I get my toddler to be okay with not being rocked at bed time?

What about reading to them? They lay down get comfortable and you read a chapter of a book usually my son lasted 10 minutes

That’s a hard one. That’s her special time with you…

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Nope don’t listen to them. Don’t brake the bonding time!


Children get a custumed to routine. Change is painful.

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Get newborn settled… then rock the older toddler. She needs to feels like that baby didn’ t take her place! :cry:


Under 2 is still a bit early to put to bed with out some mommy time.
Especially with a newborn
Get the newborn settled first then you can focus on the older child


Gradually change the routine. If you rock for 10 min, do 8 min, then 6, 5 etc. Then offer a hug/kiss/ snuggle once you’re down to nothing or something like that. :woman_shrugging:t2:


You will figure it out, dont stop cold turkey. She is still small and doesnt understand the change.

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I would gradually seen her from being rocked all the time. If you just stop all together with having a newborn it could cause some hurt feelings and resentment Todd’s the newborn.


Is their away possible get the big sister to help get the baby settled and cozy and needed than it can be her time for Mommy Snuggles after. Soon enough if you just stop completely she is going to hold anger to her sibling and become anger towards the baby. Speaking from experience i have a 6 year old now and another fixing to be 5.

I agree with Zinnia Evelyn Conrad . Get the new born down then. Rock her.

I explained there will be a new baby and you’re my helper. What I did was let him curl up between my legs. Head on lap. Watching his tv or read while I breastfed and usually they fell asleep pretty quickly together then I’ll have the dad to help putting them in bed.

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Momma of a 3 year old and a 10 month old. I still cuddle/rock both my kids to sleep. You should have started stopping before the baby came, if you do it now it’s going to be hard on him thinking he’s being replaced. Put the 2 year olds to bed first give him his own bedtime routine give him that one on one time lots of kisses and snuggles, let’s face it… it won’t be long until he’ll think your snuggles are Repulsive!

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I would say just keep rocking her. Because soon she’ll want to do everything by herself because she’s a big girl now. My daughter is almost 4 now and she will barely let me help her with anything because she’s a big girl now

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Start her love for.reading. slowly change over to reading a book. Something they both benefit from. That goes to them reading to you. She picks the book you read when she is a big girl and climbs into bed. She still gets that time with you

Rock her until you can’t! I lay with mine and cuddle till they fall asleep. (They are 3) I have a 2 week old and I just put the kids to bed between baby’s feedings.
The twins end up in my bed by midnight and stay the rest of the night. Sometimes I get frustrated because it’s only a king size bed and my husband is also in there so it’s pretty tight. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. It’s the only time I can actually cuddle my daughter without her telling me to go away. My son on the other hand wants me to cuddle him 24/7. They grow up so fast. Soon they won’t want to be rocked or cuddled, or sleep in your bed. Enjoy it every second you can.


I’m sorry, but that’s not fair to her and she could begin to resent the baby because it’s taking her time that she’s had for the last 2 years before baby! I have three kids! I’ve always juggled bedtime and keeping their routine, even with them being 9,7 & now 11 months.

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You can also try to snuggle with her in bed as an alternative so the rocking can stop. Then eventually train her to sleeping by herself but of course with you tucking her in bed first, maybe sing her a song or read her a story. I would love to say keep rocking her to sleep but once the new baby comes out and comes a time that you will not be able to do that for her she might feel bad. So I suggest you start training her. Also tell her she’s going to be a big sister like prepare her so she won’t get jealous in the future although it sometimes can’t be helped. God bless❤️

I still rock or snuggle my 4 year old to sleep. I did that with my 11 year old until one day she was like “No mom, Murphy (our dog) is coming to bed with me.” In time your little one will go to bed on their own and you will miss snuggling with them.

Let her wear herself down before bedtime. If she’s taking a nap of an evening cut omit that. Maybe then it won’t take as long for her to fall asleep. I’m sure it’s hard for her to adjust, it was on my middle child when we had the last one. I would just get them both up in the chair and we rocked or reclined until they went to sleep (we all fell asleep at times). I’m not putting you down momma you are doing a great job, but just let her be little too. Before long she will not want you to rock her. :heart: