How can I get my toddler to be okay with not being rocked at bed time?

Rock that sweet baby! One day, she’ll no longer fit in your lap. The days are long but the years are short, enjoy every moment

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I wouldn’t stop my first child’s comforting routine just because I had another baby. You will regret not getting those last few moments because they grow up so fast. Continue rocking your baby. My youngest used to fall asleep on my chest every day and when it stopped I missed it terribly. One day he crawled up in my lap and fell asleep when he got older and I bawled. You will be thankful for those moments when they are older. Even if its beyond exhausting.

Just be flexible with your new routine. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish with two smalls kids. I have rocked both kids to sleep at the same time. Also, talk to him/her about being a big sister/brother and how things may change with bedtime once new baby gets here.

Don’t stop! Find a way to make it work. She won’t be little much longer and you’re gonna miss it. I have a 7 year old that has to have a hug and a kiss every single time before I leave the house. She will run out the door after me for a hug and a kiss and to tell me she loves me. Same with bed time. She HAS to be tucked in and have a dozen hugs and kisses at bedtime. It annoys me sometimes, but then I think about my oldest 3. My son is 12, he only comes out of his room to eat, talk shit and ask for money for video games. My oldest two are 17 and they’re to busy for me most of the time. Enjoy it while you can. Maybe get a routine that involves both babies.

Slowly tell her you can’t do rocking all the time

Rock them . I did mine until I couldn’t any more.

Rock for awhile, and read to her when the baby needs you. Or sing lullabies. I remember nursing a baby while singing somewhere over the rainbow to a fussy toddler who just wanted to sleep with mommy.

while it may sound overwhelming right now, enjoy your time rocking your babies. all too soon, they will be out of this phase and won’t want rocked any more. my youngest grandchild is now 6 and how i wish she still wanted to be rocked.

My daughter was the same until last week! We got rid of the dummy and daytime nap together and was sick of spending hours holding her fiddling trying to get her to sleep. We laid her down in bed didn’t look at her and started reading “Sam the sleepy sheep” it’s on amazon and I swear by it worked for both mine, keep reading through the little tears hold their hand and just lay them back down without looking, the book takes about half an hour to read. First night she was asleep after 20 minutes and then every night since we don’t even get to the 3rd page. Persistence is key!

My 4 year old boy who is half my size still likes to lay on my chest and get his back patted. I’ll do it as long as he will still let me lol. But I understand with 2 kiddos the time has to be split. Good luck mama. Do what you feel is best

I have a 3yo & 15mn old. We have separate bedtimes, with similar routines for both. We do bath, jammies, stories and then they lay down. My 15mn old is not a fan of being rocked, she just wants to go to sleep at bed time, so I let her. My 3y/o son is the opposite, he wants to know someone is present until he falls asleep. We started rocking him, then moved to snuggling and rubbing his back, and now we just sit in the rocking chair in his room. Gradually separating ourselves without actually leaving the room has helped alot, and allowed me to still rock, feed, etc my daughter when she was smaller.

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Tell her a story in bed

she will need it more once the next baby comes

It will be hard becuase shes older and usento being rocked for her own life but u have to jus put her in her bed and let her be… also i would stop the milk it will rot their teeth if they drink milk and fall asleep without brushing. Id give a sippy cup with water and tell her shes a big girl now and has her own biggirl bed. Go in every 10-15 mins and calm her down tell her shes ok if shes crying.

Do a load of Laundry,put the baby in a car seat ,set the car seat on the drier and watch how long it takes before the baby is asleep. Then put the baby to bed because they will be sound asleep.

how about getting daddy to help

Throw him against the wall

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