How can I get my toddler to poop in the toilet?

Does anyone have and tips on getting a toddler to poop in the toilet?! We’ve been potty training since around Easter and my 2 1/2 year old is super good at peeing on the toilet but poops in his pants almost every day ! I’m running out of ideas so any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


My son would hold his poops in at that age he was terrified of going number 2. Be patient your kid is doing awesome!

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Have you had dad go in and poop with him? My son was the same. But I’m a single mom. So one day I had my brother go in with my son and do the deed. He wanted to be a big boy everyday after that! Maybe it’s worth a try?

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When my daughter did this I would dump her poop in the potty and explain it goes in their and reward her if she poops in the potty. She did the same thing

Maybe make him try to sit and poop for a few minutes everytime he goes pee. Make a chart with a reward after pooping a couple days without accidents. Increase the amount of days before rewards as he progresses until he just goes on his own for a few weeks

My oldest just turned 3. Same as above. Haaaaates going poop. Terrified and holds it as long as she can and hardly ever made it to the toilet. Just this week she started going into the bathroom alone, shutting the door and pooping! I say give it time :woman_shrugging:t2: He’ll get sick of pooping his pants

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They usually go about the same time every day & will go somewhere to hide when doing it. When you find this happening put them on potty right then. They’ll poo poo. Do it a few times & it will work. Promise.

This is normal. Give it time. Watch for his cues too and when you see the cue take him straight to the toilet and sit him on it until he goes. You have to learn his cues to identify when he’s going to go might take a few tries but you’ll eventually learn them. And make sure you have a toddler seat on the toilet for him also. Get a potty chair too and have him sit on it when you see the cues also.

My son (3) will poop on the potty, he refuses to pee though. My daughters were completely potty trained at 2 1/2.

Boys are harder than girls. Both my boys we’re trained at 3 years old. We told both of them you can’t poop in your pocket pants ( that’s what they called jeans) it worked well for my oldest, kinda worked for my middle son. With him we would give him books to look at on the toilet. And we would read him the poop party book.

My grandson just started pooping on the potty at 4 years old. It was tough!

Stickers! We got a poster board and gave her stickers and made a HUGE deal out of it every time she successfully went poop on the potty!! We also would tell her when she would have an accident how icky it is and make it seem bad. It took a LOT of patience. But we made it! Her dad would also encourage her to push and make funny faces/noises and encouraged her to copy! And there’s another comment saying something about a schedule! BINGO!! Ours will poop around the same times during the day! Good luck mama! You can do this!

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My daughter is almost 6 and still doesn’t. I’ve tried everything. Good luck!

Potty party. I told my daughter we’d have a party when she used the potty and no more diapers.

Her cake read It’s Potty Time. The cake place called me to verify the words again before they wrote it on her cake. Lol

Dump the poop from his underwear into the toilet everytime in front of him. Have him watch a cartoon video as well. He will get it.

When ny son was potty training we let him be naked 247. He only had a few accidents on the floor an he realized it was supposed to go in the toilet an was yucky to be on the floor. Maybe I just got lucky but he was so easy to train.

My son was the same way. One day he ended up getting sore after pooping in his diaper. I told him if he would poop in the potty his butt wouldn’t get sore. The next day he started pooping in the potty. It takes time. He’s 4 now and goes by himself every day. My youngest is 2 and we haven’t even started with him yet. I don’t think he will be ready until he decides to start talking.

My daughter used to literally ask for a pull up so she could poop :woman_facepalming: eventually we had to stop buying them and just make her sit. It was tough but once the first time happened never again was she scared.

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I’m sure it sounds silly, but it’ll happen when they are ready. Went through the same with my son. One day it just clicked. I did add a probiotic to his diet just prior as he wasn’t the most regular, but that doesn’t sound like an issue for you. Good luck mama, she’ll be pooping in the potty before you know it.