How can I get my toddler to sleep in their own room?

How in the world do you get your toddler to sleep in their own bed? I made the mistake of co-sleeping, and now my baby will not stay in his room. I feel like I have tried everything. Help?


I would try putting them in there room and either lay in the bed if it’s big enough or sit next to it until they fall asleep.

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They will when they’re ready🙃

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Would wait till they fall asleep in their own beds…

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I’m also asking this for my almost 9 year old…

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Same, mine cluster feeds off and on ,am her pacifier but they grow up so fast …enjoy the little moments ,yes its exhausting

My daughter is 6 and we had this problem. I bought her a weighted blanket and I lay with her until she falls asleep once she is asleep I move and cover her with the blanket. It has worked well so far. Just make sure if you do this you get a weighted blanket for there age. As the adult ones may be to heavy for some kids.

The only think u can do is place them in bed with toys and leave the light on I know it sound stupid but bubs will soon get comfortable and fall asleep. My daughter is 8 months old and she is sleep all the way through the night in her cot no problems. Even if u just try it throughout the day for nap time teaching bubs to self sooth is the best my girl goes right off to sleep without any problems shes been in her cot now for 3 months sometimes you just have to let them cry for 10 mins then go in and calm bubs back down dont talk just cuddle then back down repeat it’s just a waiting game really

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This weighted blanket is awesome! Our 8 year old has it and she stays in her bed with it.

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My youngest, 3, has been sleeping in her own bed for almost a year. But every so often she climbs into my bed with me still. Embrace it, before long they won’t want to cuddle with mom.


Stay with them till they fall asleep, then scoot out.

Co sleeping is never a mistake :heart: make them their own toddler bed in your room then slowly transition to own room. Co slept with mine for two years! Doing that and they now sleep great in their own “big kid room”!

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My parents and grandparents co slept with me and I wouldn’t sleep alone until I was 13 or so… Good luck momma… I would sleep with my little ones until they are between 3-6 months (just depending on how their sleep schedule is) and then transition them into their own bed. I have found that the younger you start the easier it is. Maybe try sleeping with him in his room the first week and then after they feel safe in their room try to slip out once they are sleeping.

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We made it a big deal that he had his own big boy bed in his own big boy room. We got him a twin bed and a bed set that he was super excited about. Told him that if he stayed in his own bed all night until the sun came up then he could come snuggle with us in the morning until it was time to get up (especially on weekends when we have time to just lay in bed for no reason). Within a week he stayed in his bed since

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Honestly stay with it. The first week is the worst when my last was born our 5th baby was no way we can do this our son was 2 1/2. We would sit with him on his bed till he fell asleep then about a few months in we did the 1. Tell them no it’s bedtime, and would walk him every time not carry back into bed and would keep getting out we just kept walking him back in no talking. It worked! Took 2 days of that, if the odd time he gets up at night we still bring him back in his bed every time. Was a huge change for him, so our first thing was his own bed we wanted then got rid of the bottle, then went to a cup, and then on his own falling asleep. We just tuck him in say our goodnights and such and shut the door. Also he never went to a toddler bed he always had a single I think he couldn’t get comfy in it.

I had this problem, my daughter just hated her cot so I brought her a single bed and she’s slept in it every night since, the trick is to get them to sleep, move them to their own bed and if they wake up just lay with them until they’re asleep again. Also get a side rail so they don’t fall out

I watched a behavioral specialist once give advice to a parent going through this. It can be an exhausting battle. But you lay them in bed and tell them it’s time for them to sleep in their own bed. Anytime they get out you put them back in their bed and don’t acknowledge their behavior, stay quiet, and let them throw a fit in bed and just ignore them. Keep doing it until they go to sleep. I know a couple who were up for hours doing it but after a few days the kid got it and found out mom and dad weren’t giving in.

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I literally just achieved this. I lay my boys down and sit in their room until they fall asleep. I suggest bringing a to tablet or something with the brightness on low because it may take awhile. Once they are asleep ditch quickly lol my room is upstairs so I slept on the couch for almost a month because they get up all throughout the night and crawl into my bed and because I’m out I don’t wake up to it and they get away with it. So I slept where they wouldn’t fit and every time they got up I walked them back to bed. For the first week they threw fits but you have to wait it out. Then they started accepting being walked back to bed. And eventually stopped getting up at night. Like I said it took a month. It all stems from a need of security from you I believe and once you show them that you’ll still be there to meet their needs without sharing a bed they stop feeling the urge to.

Persistence… sleep training is sleep training regardless of the age.

Consistency is key.
Y’all are the adults, in control of the situation.
Set your boundaries and expectations and carry through with them.