How can I get my toddler to sleep longer?

Help my four-year-old toddler goes to bed around 8:30 and keeps waking up between 3 and 4 and doesn’t go back to bed. On a side note, how can I get him to stay fuller all night? He wakes up hungry all the time.


Could add a pediasure to your dinner with ice water too at the dinner table. Then do your regular bed time routine.

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Instant oatmeal, worked for all 4 of my kids

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More protein at dinner time

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Sometimes kids feel hunger when they are actually thirsty. Make sure he gets lots of fluids during the day.
Buy a gro clock. Those things are amazing


Porridge/oatmeal for supper…Also as others mentioned make sure he gets lots of fluids

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Make sure child is getting a well balanced diet and is getting enough to drink during the day. Maybe increase protein and healthy fats. Also, increasing activity outside is how I get my ever so hyper daughter to finally start sleeping through the night.

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We still have night breakfast and he’s 11. A bowl of cereal before bed I’m assuming he doesn’t take a nap

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Try upping his bedtime. My son is also 4 and he goes between 9-930 and sleeps until 6-7am

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Kids don’t need as much sleep sometimes. And going to bed at that time and getting up that early isn’t uncommon. Try a later bed time.

We always end the night with a cup of milk. Seems to help them

What complex carbs are you doing at dinner time? Maybe some yogurt a little closer to bed time?

Eat dinner a little earlier…and make sure they eat before bed…
This really helped especially when going through a grow spurt

Cup of milk before bed, yogurt as a snack. Lots of fluids, move up bedtime a half hour to a hour.

My kiddo is 5. He’s in bed by 8 asleep by 9 and sleeps through the night. Make sure he’s hydrated. I keep a cup of water next to his bed at night. I wake up thirsty, I know he’s bound to lol.

Make sure he’s getting enough exercise in the late afternoon/early evening. We go for a long walk/bike/scoot to the park everyday before dinner to ensure we get them nice and tired.

My 3 yr old goes to bed at 830 and usually sleeps til 7 ish. I make sure he has a good meal and water at night. We do story time right before bed and he has a radio in his room that plays classical music, he sleeps better that way

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Protein and iron can play a part, since I’ve been giving my daughter more red meat she’s been sleeping heaps better and rarely wakes now

Take naps awake don’t let him sleep so early girl

A piece of fruit with some saltine crackers with peanut butter along with some milk or water about 30 minutes before bed should him up.