How can I get my toddler to stop being so rough with his toys?

My three-year-old son is so rough on his toys! He throws them and slams them down all the time. It used to be just once in a while, but now it’s all the time. I told him if he doesn’t stop, he’s not going to have any toys…but it doesn’t work. Time out doesn’t work…he just laughs! I know he’s only 3, but it’s getting ridiculous. He slams and throws everything, then won’t help clean up. The only other option I have is taking toys away. Sometimes this doesn’t work either.


He sounds bored. He needs a good way to use his energy that doesn’t get him in trouble.


I got a time out bin for the toys but they stay there all day. It worked on all my kids. Put it on a table or up high and stick the toys he was mean to in there


My son used to do this alot… Be consistent, if he slams or throws toy, tell him to go pick it up and to give it to you gently or put it down gently.

My son use to do the same he had no toy that had wheels on broke it off the first hour playing with it but one day it just stopped and now when he breaks a toy he cries .

Take the toys away, the one he throws, and don’t give them back, soon he won’t have eny toys to throw,


When they break don’t get him new ones and he will learn.

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Go ahead and get him more toys.

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I spank my girl gently on the bum and make her pick up her toys. She only does it out of anger. She’s 2, but she’s learning now and she is starting to think before she does it. And if she does do it I make her pick it up. If she runs off I grab her and take her back to it and tell her to pick it up. It only takes a couple times til she does it. Now when I say to pick it up she does. She even picks up trash she throws when she realizes and throws it away sometimes.

Has too many toys, maby put some up for a while, I used to do that when my girls wouldn’t pick them up

Try the old school way SWAT that butt a couple of times. It is not child abuse it is discipline if you stay consistent they will learn

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My 4 yr old makes this awful siren noise it makes me nuts he does it all the time and he will also stomp his feet with his arms puffed out roaring hes the hulk lol make me crazy nothing I do makes him stop the fact that it makes me crazy seams to make him want to do it more ughhhhh…unless it’s super early or meal time I try my best to ignore it …I have 2 older boys 18 and 13…they grow out of it promise!!! Try taking him outside and showing him how to properly throw what to properly throw and what to throw it at then set a clear boundry…not in the house!!